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Friday, December 11, 2015


What if were possible for your future self to leave a letter for your past self to find or your past self to leave a letter for your future self to find?  Wouldn't that be an awesome thing to be able to do?   What would you say to yourself?  I'm not sure if it was a song lyric or what prompted this idea in my head, but as I was driving the very rainy and beautiful coastline today I wondered that if it were possible to write a letter to my past or future self, what would I want to say? 

To my past self I would want to let myself in on some of the secrets I have come to reveal as truth.  I would tell myself to always be comfortable in my own love myself unconditionally and have complete and unwavering faith in who I be confident, caring, loving and trusting in only positive and non-judgmental people.  I would tell myself to ease up and not be so hard on myself for all the times I am human. To develop the skills I needed to help people as that was my truest calling. I might even tell myself to buy stock in Apple and Microsoft and give myself the winning lotto numbers on a particular day (but who wouldn't...lmao). I would also tell myself what my son was going to go through so I could see how to orchestrate things a bit differently and arm him with only positive coping skills so his life wouldn't have to be so hard at such a young age. I wondered if it would be wise to tell myself about all of the traumatic events I would encounter in detail in order to avoid them in the future, but then I realized that without those very events occurring, I wouldn't be the person I am today.  I needed to go through them in order to understand the lesson that I was meant to gain and the knowledge to become this know how to help not only myself, but anyone who sought help from me as well.  

To my future self, I would keep a journal as I grew to leave to myself to remind me of all of the beautiful blessings I have in my life and how those blessings made me who I am...have kept me afloat and have wrapped their arms around me during the tough times. I would recount all of the good, wonderful and triumphant moments that, even though small, were the best of the best and I would tell myself that I had done so because I didn't want to forget most of the good parts of my past, as it would seem I have done. 

What would you want to say to yourself, past or future?  I think that what you would want to reveal to yourself in either direction speaks volumes about who you are right now.  For instance, wanting to tell my past self about loving myself says that I had self-esteem issues that I learned to conquer and value. Wanting to tell my future self about parts of my past I didn't remember might mean that I didn't put enough value on the good things that seemed small at the time and that is why I can't remember much of them to this day.  I needed to learn that it is all of the small and wonderful moments, strung together, that make up the big picture of our entire lives and that those are what we need to sink into when they are here and really, really savor.

What would you want yourself to know...past or future?  Try this exercise and write a letter to yourself in either time frame.  What you learn will definitely help you in the present. 

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