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Saturday, December 12, 2015


How many versions of movies have you seen in which the main character has a lesson to learn by waking up and repeating the same day over and over until he or she learns a certain lesson. I love this premise because if that were possible, you could explore every possible outcome to every situation encountered.

That being said however, I believe that is actually the point to every new day we are fortunate enough to receive. Every day you wake up, you have the potential to start over. You can change the way you do things, the way you approach things, and handle things so, why wouldn't you? So many of us get caught up in a daily “routine.” We get up at the same time, eat the same things for breakfast (or skip it altogether), carry out our hygiene tasks the same way, apply our makeup in exactly the same style and colors and generally do the same things at work with the same people so, therefore, how could you expect to live different days with different outcomes, possibilities and choices when you make the same choices each day to repeat the way you do things.

Ask yourself how you can change each day; start out slow and progress a bit more each day or week. For example you could get up a half an hour earlier and walk around the block to build up some serotonin and endorphins which, in turn, will make you feel happier, more energetic and positive which will change the way you view your day. If you don't normally eat breakfast, put together a small balanced meal and see how you feel. If you normally eat a large breakfast, pare it down to a small balanced meal. Change the way you do your makeup or hair from time to time or change the location of the room you usually apply it in...change your color scheme as well. If you normally enter work the same way and greet everyone with the same greeting, mix it up...come in through another entrance (if possible) and smile as you blurt out a new and witty greeting. Not only will everyone view you in a new way, but you will begin to view yourself in a new way also. Take things less seriously at work and see how much less stressed you feel at the end of the day, after all in the grand scheme of life, a job is the least important thing in your world. If you are a worrier, try being conscious of every time you worry about something and force yourself to let it go until that becomes your habit and you live just for that moment. If you normally go about your day focusing on yourself, try to think of something you can do to help someone else. If you normally help everyone around you and ignore your own needs, do something special for you. There are enough hours in the day, but if you feel there aren't, make a list of all you try to accomplish in one day and see what you can cut out of it or simply move to another day.

Each day is a new opportunity, a clean slate if you will, for you to make it what you will so, like those movies, stop repeating the same day over and over and do your best to make each one special and unique.


This is a recipe that a friend of my mom's used to make at Christmas each year and bring over for the family.  I love coconut and I couldn't get enough of it.


1-1/2 pkgs of unflavored gelatin
1/3 cup of boiling water
4 whipped egg whites
1/3 cup of sugar
1 - 8 oz. pkg of coconut (save some for the garnish)

In a small bowl, mix water, sugar and gelatin.  Mix well and chill for one hour. Fold egg whites, gelatin and coconut together and blend well.  Put into a square baking dish and chill.  Garnish with coconut and sprinkle lightly with cinnamon.

YUM...I hope you enjoy!!!


Thank you to those of you who read my earlier post about letter writing and sent me those beautiful letters.  I appreciate that you hold our friendship in your hearts as being as valuable to you as they are to me. This is the reason we have been friends for so many years.

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