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Tuesday, December 8, 2015


Did you think purification was something they just did to water?  Think again.  Your body, your soul and your mind need purification...and often.  Sometimes in my research I run across articles that are so great I cannot paraphrase from them...I have to post the whole thing here.  This article by Danielle Laporte is from her blog and is entitled, "Purification, Pain, Passion and Marrying Your Soul...Or How to Tap Your Deep Creativity."  The list she posts below is SO, SO, SO, SO true and she totally nails it.  These are the things I have personally been working toward and strides I have been making in my life.  These are the things that need to happen in order to achieve this purification, which is when you finally know yourself..accept yourself...the real you...not some societal version filled with unwarranted fears (which all fear is, by the way).  I hope her post speaks to you like it did to me:
"Purification is gutting. Cleansing. Rectifying. Re-orientating. Divine. It can be wretched or graceful, intentional or shocking. Either way, once you’re hollowed out and detoxed you are going to be way.more.real. Which is to say, wildly more creative. Deeper. This is why I’m always so interested in someone’s personal story of suffering — it points to their greatest potential to create light — or more darkness, in the world. Creation.
So, if you want to tap into deeper creativity, you’ll need to get your purification on. We covered that. Now, to get through such purification, you’ll need passion. You already know what that is. Fire, heart, big vision.
And then — are you still with me? Because deep creativity isn’t for the faint of anything, then you’ll have to:
  • Do the fucking work. Like a grown up.

  • Risk being disliked (actually, it’s not a risk, it’s inevitable.)

  • Risk being very very misunderstood (and you don’t know how much that hurts until it happens.)

  • Say what you feel — in every possible way.
  • Burn the draft, the plan, the strategy that you thought was everything.

  • Pray. On your knees. (When’s the last time you did that?)

  • Cut people out of your life.

  • Humbly make amends.

  • Drop everything and call your energy worker.

  • Become your own Lover.

  • Eat your longing backwards.

  • Keep going, even when it feels like you’re being punished.

  • Become obsessive.

  • Move ON.

  • Be truly compassionate with yourself when it’s so hard to move on.

  • Be incredibly tender, and not just when you’re by yourself, but the exposed with others kind of tender.

  • Take a hit for the team. You don’t think you’re learning lessons just for your own good, do you? Nah. Healing for one is healing for all. tweet
  • Thank youuuuu.

  • Ask for help — the vulnerable kind of asking when you’re afraid the answer may be no.
  • Be profoundly lonely.

  • Use your own money.

  • Feel it all — in one day.

  • Say Thank You — for all of it. All of it.

  • Let yourself feel very small next to the size of your dream.

  • Get bigger than the size of your dream.

  • Keep doing the fucking work.
In summation:
See you at the wedding."

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