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I take myself on so many day trips and find so much I wanted to share that beauty so I created this tab in order to share my trips with you.

Photos (c) Kimberly D. Miller - October, 2018

This past Monday I hiked the coastal trail off of Cape Arago Highway...I was so grateful for the beautiful weather and the amazing shots.  These are just a few:

December 2016

The waves at Shore Acres were amazing today...they were crashing water up over 100' was spectacular and awe-inspiring.  I made a few videos and took some great shots.  I made sure to capture wandering strangers in both to use as a gauge


They have their Christmas decorations up now and I fell in love with this giant tree...

November 2016

I had an amazing adventure today...I got up, looked outside at the rain letting up and decided to head East to find a new waterfall and a couple of covered bridges like I have wanted to do for months I did.  I scoured the internet and found Salt Creek Waterfall, which is larger than the two in Coos Bay.  It was about three-and-a-half hours driving time.  I found myself at almost 5000 feet and got to walk through the snow...I got to do a lot of the bottom and back...On the way home I found a covered bridge in Creswell, and one in GoodPasture...I stumbled upon the Unknown Castle AND I did a little wine-tasting as well...What an amazing day...I am so blessed.  Below is a video of the falls and pictures of the rest of the trip. I highly recommend your giving this one a try if you find yourself in the neighborhood.

November 2016

Since I have moved to the beautiful, downtown Coos Bay area, I walk everywhere...Sunday is my walk nowhere day and I love it.  These are pictures of a few of my Sunday walks:


September 18th, 2016...Yesterday I was in the mood for a day trip as I have not had the pleasure, nay the necessary escape of one since all of this moving and change as of late, began.  It was also my mother's birthday and I wanted to celebrate it doing something that we loved doing trips.  

Since moving to Oregon I have yearned to get up to Cape Perpetua just North of Florence and South of Yachats, to discover three of natures remarkable wonders...The Spouting Horn, The Devils Churn and Thor's Well...all of which took my breath away.  I was going to post pictures but the videos I shot are a much better way to give you the feel of their utter a few pics. 
This is The Spouting Horn

This is part of The Devil's Churn and...

This is Thor's Well...AMAZING

These were some of the better pictures:

 My happy place is the beach...I go there when I want to walk and think and just feel at peace and one with nature. I had such a glorious day today and I followed it up with a walk on the beach with my favorite songs soothing my savage breast through my headphones. I feel small when I go to the beach and it puts into perspective just how vast the world is and how small and insignificant I feel in the grand scheme of things. It always makes me realize how silly the things we take so seriously every day, really are.  I am blessed and I am grateful.

 I couldn't believe how beautiful this shot was almost as if the heavens were beaming their beautiful light for us to appreciate in the grand scheme of things.


The fact that I am fortunate enough to frequent the California redwoods at least 3 times a week for my job, soothes my soul with the reminders of my upbringing. I was lucky enough to have been raised amongst these beautiful, gentle giants and for me, there is no place to equal the feeling I get whenever I have the privilege to find myself driving or walking through the redwood forest.

Note the picture with the picnic table to the right of the words "picnic table." I wanted to get a shot with a size-marker in it for those of you who have never seen these gentle giants before. Their incredible size will leave you awe-struck but their quiet serenity will leave you at peace.


Sometimes I feel the most reflective way I can spend a at the beach.  There is no better place for me to regroup with myself and connect with my feelings in a deep and meaningful way.  I needed that today, even though we have had months of rain, I just had to get out and I did.  I took some video and pictures that, I thought, were pretty awesome and I wanted to share them with you.

I made this video as I was watching a flock of these funny little birds.  It looked like they were trying to eat something that the surf brought in, but they seemed like they didn't want to get wet so they were running frantically from the incoming surf and then trying to quickly chase it back out and find food all at the same time.  It cracked me up.

Horsefall Beach, Coos Bay, OR

I find it interesting the things that wash up on the shore.  It's as though the ocean says, "Oh, hell no.  You aint leaving that trash out here," and then pushes it back to the land from whence it came...lmao.

This log has the most interesting fungus growing on it.  I couldn't believe this bright, neon, yellow color that was growing on it.

Yes, I had to touch the sea

As I approached this post from behind I had no idea that it was a...

Stop sign...yes, you heard me right.  Apparently a lot of people ride the dunes and then come out onto the beach.

 This is me after a satisfying, relaxing day filled with peace and new-found clarity from my day at the beach.  I am so blessed.

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