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I LOVE to create and when I am able to let go and do so, I like to post pictures of some of the things I make so this tab is dedicated to those creations.


I reently made 16 Origami half-fold greeting cards to sell on Etsy.  It took almost a month, but they are so fun to make I just couldn't stop myself.  Here are pictures of three of the 16. I will update as I list them on Etsy.

A 16x20 Acrylic Painting

By Kimberly D. Miller - December 24, 2018

A 16x20 Acrylic Painting
By Kimberly D. Miller - December 21, 2018

A close up of the crackle detail.

December 4, 2018

I have been folding paper to relax the last three days and came up with some decorative Christmas tree balls that I think came out pretty great.  They will be for sale on my Etsy site within the next week:

(c) 2018 Kimberly D. Miller

(c) 2017 Kimberly D Miller

As a waterfall fanatic, I want to visit all of the Oregon falls.  I am fortunate enough to live near Silver and Golden Falls and visit them frequently. This is my rendition of Silver falls:

(c) 2017 Kimberly D Miller

I love the sea and all creatures great and small that live in it.  I have a special love for sea lions and decided to attempt to paint one...this is the result...


Being an avid photographer has left me with a plethora of photographs and a desire to turn them into something...I now have product lines for them...Phone cases, throw pillows, acrylic blocks, prints, cards, notebooks, framed prints, clothing, scarves, duvet covers, cups and travel mugs.  The pictures below represent one of the products available for each on the link below the picture for a complete showcase of availability:

Kimberly D. Miller

This is a dock at the college I work at.  Such a lovely place to sit at the end of an ponder positive thoughts.


Not only do I love old barns, but I am a huge fan of covered bridges.  I had to try painting one and now that my new art room is up and at full function...I got my painting groove on again!!! 


When my son and I traveled around the U.S. the year of his high school graduation, we visited family in St. Augustine, Florida and came upon the most beautiful lighthouse...I just had to try my hand at painting it.


This is my first attempt at an ocean scene...I think it turned out pretty well...It will also be posted on my Redbubble site as well...the link for that is:


I just finished two new paintings 1 weeks' time.  I am having so much fun with these...


Every other year I try to make an afghan during the Winter months as I love how it keeps me warm as I crochet the rows together.  I just finished one after a month's time...I made up the pattern per the yarn I had available...I think it turned out pretty great and I love that the yarn is polyester as it is SO soft and thick and warm.


I have written so many poems over the years and, even though I have incorporated them into a series of three books, I still have the originals lying around the house.  Yesterday as I sifted through them I decided to combine them with my art projects as well so I started and finished the first draft of this poem, entitled OUR DIFFERENCE.


When the local art store went out of business I bought out the rest of the supply of Liquid Pearls and was recently wondering what I was going to create with them.  This week it came to me as I was looking at a small pile of discarded yarn pieces left over from the afghan I am currently crocheting...and this is the result:


I came home today, after having spent the day at the local animal shelter cuddling with the kitty cats, and this page just designed and wrote itself...I love it when the creative juices flow so freely...


I have been blocked as of late, however it seems that today I have had a breakthrough and got to finish the canvas I started using tiles I created with Glossy Accents.


Since having moved and finally gotten things unpacked and put away to the point to which I can move around, my art area being the first to be assembled of course, I have finally been able to create again and have been journaling up a storm.  These are my three latest art journal spreads.  I have three other projects I am working on in the meantime, one of which is a new "wallet" for lack of a better word, and the other two are mixed media prints and transfers.


I have a Priority Mail envelope that I was getting ready to use to mail something to a friend of mine yesterday and I looked at it and, this is such a boring I created a mini mural on it.  This was the result. I was happy with the way it came was accomplished with rubber stamps, ink and decoupage. Aren't covered bridges beautiful? I love them almost as much as old barns.

A CHARMING LIFE... I finished making all the charms I need for a larger to follow soon.


Another wire-wrap bracelet with the brown cabochon...I love antiques and I love women...therefore I love antique women...lmao. I love how this one came out.


I found these beautiful cabochons in a local bead store and I decided to use them for wire-wrapping projects like this bracelet...the picture embedded in the middle is an antique photo of a mother (you can see part of her profile on the left) kissing her baby homage to my son.


 I have all of these Scrabble tiles I bought a long time ago at Salvation Army Store and I finally figured out how I am going to use them...I love making wearable art...and purses...etc.


In art class the other day we learned the awesome technique of blending landscape stamps into a scene, which I have wanted to learn for such a long time. This is what I did when I got home with just stamps and ink.  I love this technique.


I do NOT like carrying a purse and have not done so in many years. This does however, create a problem of how to tote around the things I need in a way that is non-purse-like, functional for all of my needs, and reflects my quirky style.  I have worked for a week and a half straight on this and finally came up with a life-minder that suits all of my needs.  Pictures are posted below:

BAKED APPLES (with no sugar added):

I had such a fun creation weekend...check out the things I made:

I started off the weekend with culinary creation and made these baked apples stuffed with a cranberry/raisin mix that was sauteed in orange juice and cinnamon, then baked until all the flavors seeped in and the apple was soft and juicy.  It was a big hit.

Then I made:


This squash book looks like a small book but unfolds and opens in a fun way:

 Front View:
 Back View:
 This is how it opens as you pull the two covers to the side:
 This is what it looks like wide open and ready for photos and journaling:

Then I made an:

 This is the back
 This is the front
 As you open:
 It unfolds into many 
 Envelopes with mattes to
 add photos and journaling

and then I made an:


This was fun to is about 5x5 and has three tiered layers in it to add
 photos, decorations, journaling and whatever else you like
 Once you take the lid off the three layers explode out of it

 each layers has pull out tags to use as well


I am having so much fun turning my photographs into pillows and day bags and leggings, much, much more.  Click here for more information.


I'm so excited...I made an ornament and I did it out of 60 squares of paper.  I'm so excited by how it turned out, although the pictures didn't quite capture the glitter in the centers of each flower. It is the about the size of a baseball and fits perfectly in my hand. 

When I was about 12, my mother started a Christmas tradition between she and I in which each year, she found a special ornament (usually Hallmark) with the year printed on it and usually with a type of theme that fit my lifestyle at the time, and either put it in my stocking or under the tree. When I was grown and had a tree of my own, I was then able to decorate it with just these ornaments, which by now, cover the whole tree.  When she passed away I lost the spirit of Christmas, but this year I think I finally have it back.  I'm in a really good place in my life and I love everything about it, but I realized that since I lost my mom I don't have those years represented on my tree so I decided to make an ornament and put the date on it to represent 2015. I think I will make 4 others to represent the years that didn't make it on the tree and then I will have an up-to-date and complete collection.

I think I have found a new obsession. I am now making them out of magazines and old books. This is so much fun! 

Thank you for taking the time to stop and visit and please, if you like what you've read, leave a comment.  Also, please respect the copyright/trademark rights of the artist's work. Copying and using any work posted here is forbidden without express permission. If you have a blog or website of your own I would love to visit it. After your comment, make sure to post your link and I will stop by and leave a comment as well. Happy blogging.


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