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This tab contains my poetry...most of it is Sapphic in nature.  This is my newest work:

© Kimberly D Miller – July 15,2017

Beauty so soft, inside and out,
You’re the one that I need, there’s never a doubt;

You want, I yearn, we try to align,
If fate has my way, you’re mine by design;

Worlds apart, but together as one,
There’s no explanation, it’s only begun;

Destiny brought us through trial and rain,
Queens of our realm, the dragon is slain;

My hand outstretched, waiting for yours,
A chapter of ending, an opening of doors;

A mystery of fate, a clandestine love,
You haunt me, I hold you, it’s finally enough.

Be with me…

(picture from

By Kimberly D Miller – July 3, 2017

Prelude to kiss, searching each others’ eyes,
Probing and finding the beauty that hides inside;

As women we look, to see what lies behind,
The fronts, the face, the plastic wrap, that greets the world outside.

A different you, a package part, a facet to behold,
I see you there, behind the kiss, as our lives unfold;

Leaning in, eyes on eyes, the moment just before,
As our lips, before they touch, connecting to the core;

It’s all revealed, our deepest need, the secrets to our heart;
The prelude is intent, desire, the purest way to start.

(c) June 30, 2017 - Kimberly D Miller

I dream of you, night and day,
My soul, my heart, in every way;

A woman so rare, so undefined,
You fill my world, you blow my mind;

We share our lives, it’s time we spend,
We talk and talk, we’re such good friends;

They often say that love is blind,
But we have layers, through the rind;

A deep connection we have cast,
We’re lovers, partners, we will last;

To hell with judgment, hell with fear,
We will make it, year through year;

A bond so real I’ve never known,
Come find me now, the seed is sown;

I’ll be right here, we’re worth the wait,
My love, my partner, my soul of mates.

© June 17, 2017

From the ashes we will rise,
No more hiding, no more lies;

No more judgment, no more tears,
We’re who we are with no more fear;

Free to live, free to fight,
No more darkness, only light;

Let them know that we are one,
We’re here to stay, we’ll never run;

We’re bound together arm in arm,
Let them come and we will storm;

Unique and different, out and proud,
We’re here to stay and this we vow;

Woman to woman, hold my hand,
We’ll take this world we’ll make a stand;

We will knock them down to size,
From the ashes we will rise.

(c) A picture I took on my beach walk yesterday

© 06/13/2017

The hopes, the fears, the present holds,
We don’t know, as life unfolds;

Hold me now until the end,
As my lover, as my friend;

Be my life and I’ll be yours,
Our bond can open every door;

You’re the woman I desire,
A passion born of burning fire;

A life together, not alone,
A love like this I’ve never known;

Some will travel far and wide,
To find a tie that binds inside;

My love is far yet ever near,
If only faith released her fear;

Fulfilled inside and not alone,
When I’m with her I’ve found my home.

© 6/2017 Kimberly D Miller

 I miss you…with all of my heart,
All we need is a brand new start;

Your life is your own, the same for me,
But our life together…eternity.

Obstacles abound, our difference is clear,
Yet my lonely heart yearns for you to be here;

We’re physically parted but spiritually tied,
I feel you each day, here by my side;

We share such a bond, like nothing I’ve known,
Time spent without you, is time quite alone;

Remember this poem in days lain ahead,
For it is my quest, my plight has been pled.

I miss you.

(c) 2015 Kimberly D Miller

You touch my life with the gift of your presence,
I'm eternally whole because of your essence;

You live in my heart, you color my world,
A soul full of passion, a girl to a girl;

If you need me I'm with you so never forget,
You're a part of me now, I'll never regret;

Never know guilt, never know fear,
Trust in our faith, no need to shed tears;

We have what we were, we have what we are,
Our bond is unbroken, not near and not far;

Break not the circle, we'll always be there,
To lean on each other with love and with care.

© May 1, 2017 – Kimberly D Miller

Your haunting eyes, they pierce my soul…
Ebony hair, so long and full;

Feminine build, full and round…
A deeper bond cannot be found;

I wonder if you’ll ever dare…
To show me now that you still care;

Our endless bond is ever strong…
A solid vow that won’t go wrong;

Clasp my hand and squeeze it tight…
Hold me close throughout the night;

I love you so, but you have fear…
Please don’t shed another tear;

I need to gaze into your eyes…
For that is where the truth still lies;

©Kimberly D Miller – 04/2017

It’s not you, it’s me…It’s not me, it’s you…
It’s everything, it’s nothing…It’s who we are, it’s what we do;

It’s what we say, it’s how we love...
It’s me…it’s you…below…above;

It’s who we are, it’s who we’re not…
It’s what we have, it’s what we’ve not…it’s everything we’ve got;

It’s wanting me across the miles, a little every day…
It’s wanting you in every moment, each and every way.

© April, 2017
Kimberly D. Miller

My thoughts on a page, so crisp and so clear…
Alludes to the fact that you are not here.

A fact, not a fiction, and one I abhor…
My heart’s on the table, it’s you I adore.

Devotion to you, I cannot deny…
My love is your shelter, just crawl inside.

Be with me always, we’ll conquer the storm…
I’ll shelter your body, I’ll keep you from harm.

Breathe in my essence, exhale my love…
Our bond is a blessing, from heaven above.

(c) April 2017 - Kimberly D. Miller

I think of you…every day…without fail.  I don’t want to…it causes such pain to know I cannot live every waking moment in your arms where I long to be, but think of you I still do.

Ever envious of those in your world…they, who reap the privilege of basking in your smile, shining in your laughter, drowning in your eyes, knowing your thoughts and sharing your touch.

To have found you in this lifetime would otherwise prove the existence of eternal bliss, but alas, what’s meant to be is ever meant to be. 

Though my heart needs you so, it will exude patience until you find me once again…until you find the courage to live the life you’re meant to live…In my arms…eternally…if not in this life…then in the next.

(c) March 21, 2017- Kimberly D. Miller

You hold your mind, in your heart...I feel you...from the end, from the start.

You love me...with your soul, with your feel me...from the depths, so aligned.

Fear subsides you...I understand, you will be you...when you can.

I'll give you courage, I'll give you strength...We'll go the distance, we'll stay the length.

Come to terms with who you are, and freedom engulfs you and buries your scar.

We are women, by design...fused by attraction, we're meant to be twined.

Kimberly D. Miller (c) 02/2017

My art is me, a release of full form...who I am longs to be transformed into creation beyond life transcends all plains in relative realms as I reveal the energy of being...truth is life, true life...having you does not make me whole for I am the sum of my parts, but completes my purpose in creation...for you are the completion in the cycle that melds with my are the completion to the equation that creates our “we”...we are everything.

Kimberly D. Miller (c) January 2017

I find my soul when I take to the shore,
Something that dwindles, more and more...

The rush of waves, the sound of surf,
Nothing revives me, nothing on earth...

My time with nature sets me free,
For time's an illusion, wait and see...

The rat race, the dollar, almighty and fake,
Just a few of the things I wish to forsake...

Fill me with passion, fill me with hue,
Fill me with life as only you do...

Beside the shore I come alive,
For the sea is salvation, she won't be deprived.

(c) Kimberly Miller - 11/2016

Imagine a world in which only we live,
absent of others, a lifetime to give...
Imagine our eyes blazing ahead,
a future for two, inhibitions are shed...

Giving myself only to you,
wanting no other, letting us through...
Giving yourself only to me,
forsaking all others, we can be free...

Imagine a world in which we are entwined,
sharing our hearts, sharing our minds...
Imagine my fingers laced into yours,
our love is conjoined, mutually adorned...

I love you.

I wanted to post this even though it is not a poem I have written but the words...these lyrics are so beautiful and they really express the way I feel so I wanted to share it.  It is a song by KT Tunstall called Universe and U...

A fire burns
Water calms
You cool me down
When I'm cold inside
You are warm and bright
You know you are so good for me
With your child's eyes
You are more than you seem
You see into space
I see in your face
The places you've been
The things you have learned
They sit with you so beautifully

You know there's no need to hide away
You know I tell the truth
We are just the same
I can feel everything you do
Hear everything you say
Even when you're miles away
'Coz I am me, the universe and you

Just like stars burning night
Making holes in the night
We are building bridges

You know
When you're on your own
I'll send you a sign
Just so you know
I am me, the universe and you

(c) Kimberly D Miller - 10-09-2016

Laid back in my claw-foot tub, a glass of wine in hand, soaking in a hot concoction of Epsom salt, bubble bath and coconut oil, I gaze into the candle light across the room and snuggle up with my hopes, my dreams and my aspirations. Each new day dawns new trust, new hope and new revelations of positivity, possibility and life at its very core. I'm alone, but never lonely...I'm strong, but I still want you...more now than ever before. Thoughts of our future give me the courage to head into the night alone...until we can be together...thoughts of our love lead me to faith in all things miraculous and good. Until the time for us arrives, I will make every moment count...until I feel your touch again, I will try to touch others with my words...until I gaze into your eyes and hear your voice, I will offer hope to those who need...until you are home...home with me.

(c) 09-2016 Kimberly D Miller

Your face is the first thing I want to see when I'm blessed with the dawn of a new day...
to be wrapped in your arms, feeling your warmth is my desire...
an uncomparable connection...
no longer a lone reed amid a pool of uncertainty...
you are all I need...
some will tell us that we're wrong, but fate seals its victories with a kiss...
our destinies, long and full, yet incomplete until the moment we meet again...
this time a negative past swept away in favor of everlasting joy...
this time...
the last time...
this time...

(c) 09-2016...Kimberly D Miller

I see a new horizon coming into view,
My heart has come alive again, my life will start anew;

This time of times I'll get it right,
I've learned to love with me in sight;

For love is life and life is love,
I'm blessed by angels up above;

My heart exudes a brand new song,
I'm whole again, it won't be long.


Your hair is draped across my breasts,
your head lays gently on my chest;

My skin inhales your baited breath,
we're entwined beyond our death;

Your touch sends passion to my soul,
in your arms I know I'm whole;

I watch you sleep, I cannot rest,
trembling deeply, feeling blessed;

I rest my arm atop your hips,
a sigh of promise escapes your lips;

My mind, it races night and day,
you are my home, I'll always stay.

(c) August, 2013 - Kimberly D Miller

You send me a smile from across the room; wrapped in assurance, tied with a bow...your smile, so loving, so kind and demure, reflects the love we share and mirrors my adoration for you.  When you enter a room all eyes devour your beauty as it shines from within.  You are the truest form of reality I've ever known.  I am paralyzed in my present existence as I know we cannot meld in this lifetime...eking out a mere existence with no hope of ever knowing the other half of my soul as it is the half you have, and always will, possess. 

(c)2016 Kimberly D. Miller

Your silhouette shines through the night and reveals a curvaceous, beautiful sight,
my waiting skin's impatience to embrace eternally ever so tight;

A sigh of passion escapes my lips, pulling you in to a passionate kiss, I have never known love for another like this;

This feeling that I feel for you can never be compared, no one has ever led me there, no one has ever dared;

You possess a part of me, a gift from me to you, our hearts are one, combined of two, nothing less will ever do;

This feeling that comes over me whenever you are near, cuts through time through years and years, be with me now...negate your fears.

Stay with me...

(c) June 2016

Your indecisive decisions, breed a lack of precision,
But you pull me in and lead me to submission;

Our difference is our alliance, our sameness is our bond,
I had to let you see my light, I had to know if you'd respond;

I'm lost in a vast world of clarity where my actions have no bounds,
With you I know my life's complete, the feeling is profound;

I want us to be different, because we can, because we are,
I want us to know unity, because we share a common scar;

Our desperate search for romance will be the tie that sets us free,
We'll find it in each other, we'll set assail, we'll search the seas;

Our trying trek will one day reap the love we have to share,
A love so deep, a love so real, a love that one cannot compare.

(c) June 2016

The woman you are is inside of you,
Though you try so to hide that true side of you,

I see her quite clearly,
I love her so dearly,

I hope you will find her and let her break through.

(c) 2016 - Kimberly D Miller

Women are crazy from time to time,
They make a decision and then change their mind;

They worry and worry, why can't they relax,
They pity the world for the beauty it lacks;

They endure all the hardships thrown at them by life,
They truly amaze me, I'll make one my wife;

They're sensitive creatures, so soft and demure,
But just don't offend them, of that I am sure;

I love her for reasons that she is a she,
I know about women, I am one you see.
(c) Kimberly D Miller 2016

I can't be there, you can't be here,
But our time is drawing near;

Time for us to be as one,
Our routined lives to come undone;

A moment here, a moment there,
We seize them all, we lay them bare;

We open up our cluttered hearts,
And soon we'll make a brand new start;

We live our moments here, in time;
Because I'm yours, because you're mine.

(c) May, 2016

The day surrounds my tired brain, 
I know my head will go insane;

I walk the beach along the shore, 
it soothes my soul right to the core;

The water clears my hazy head, 
it drowns the toxic things we said;

It calms me with its gentle breeze, 
its beauty sends me to my knees;

Thoughts of us entice my eyes, 
I see our lives, I fantasize;

I feel your love connect with mine, 
we'll stand the test, the test of time;

The best for us is yet to be, 
we will not drown in love's debris.

(c) Kimberly Miller 2016

The matted sky blows cripsy air,
I'd give anything if you were there;

To hold me close and take my hand,
Only you can understand;

My love for you reigns ever strong,
Do you know where you belong?

Life is short, but you I trust,
To guide me home, do what you must;

Free your soul and let it go,
Join my half and make us whole.

I love Lenny Kravitz and his way with words. As someone who writes and appreciates poetry, I really think he has a handle on how to convey these deep thoughts and then turn them into music. What a beautiful talent. I wanted to share the lyrics to "You Belong to Me," because, not only are the lyrics beautiful, but the music is soulful and beautiful as well.

I Belong To You

By Lenny Kravitz

You are the flame in my heart
You light my way in the dark

You are the ultimate star

You lift me from up above
Your unconditional love

Takes me to paradise

I belong to you
And you

You belong to me too

You make my life complete
You make me feel so sweet
You make me feel so divine
Your soul and mine are entwined

Before you I was blind

But since, I've opened my eyes
And with you there's no disguise
So I could open up my mind

I always loved you from the start
But I could not figure out

That I had to do it everyday

So I put away the fight
Now I'm gonna live my life

Giving you the most in every way

I belong to you
And you

You belong to me too

You make my life complete
You make me feel so sweet

Oh I belong to you
I belong to you

And you, you

You belong to me too

You make my life complete
You make me feel so sweet

Oh I belong to you
I belong to you

And you, you

You belong to me too

You make my life complete
You make my life complete

You make me feel so sweet

Oh I belong to you
I belong to you

And you, and you

You belong to me too

You make my life complete
You make my life complete

You make me feel so sweet

(c) April, 2016 - Kimberly D Miller

When I think of how much I want you, it's all I can do to stay in the moment.
I want to leap off the tracks of time and join you where you are
so that our lives can finally begin together.
I am filled with elation and desire, so much it burns a fire
inside of me that cannot be doused with mere water.
No one can put asunder the destiny that must be shared.
No one can alter the imprint of what is meant to be.
We must give in to the force that split us apart in this realm
as only then can we reunite in truth and full disclosure.
Only then can we find the will to come together as one.
Only then will our souls unite so they finally find peace.
We will know total and utter fulfillment, freedom, joy and
desire as we have never known before.
I'll wait for you, whenever you are.
Photo courtesy of

(c)2016 Kimberly D. Miller

As a breeze that follows the rain…you take my breath away,
Feelings so deep, so much to gain, I don’t know what to say;

As a song that soothes my savage breast…you take my breath away,
My eyes meet yours, passion ignites, it won’t be held at bay;

As the stars shine vast above…you take my breath away,
Take my hand and be my love, I know I’m home to stay.

(Photo from

(c) 04-2016 Kimberly's Insanity

Everything's changed, but I still feel you,
We no longer talk, but I still know you;

Our pasts were meant to cross, our futures may still align,
but the answers will only come with time;

An impossible situation, yet I still want you everyday,
There are so many things left unsaid, I wish that I could say;

A day hasn't passed that I haven't thought of you, of us,
Gathering patience each day, making it through, but just;

If only you had wanted me the way I wanted you,
But that just seems to be my fate, it's what I always do;

I fall in love with amazing souls, a few have crossed my door,
When I love I make it count, I live it to the core;

We wish that things could happen when we want them to,
But they happen when they happen, and they there's nothing we can do;

I will wait until it's time for us to finally be,
I will wait until it's right for us to be be we.

(photo courtesy

(c) March 2016 - Kimberly's Insanity

Please hold my hand through thick and thin,
Through good and bad, through life and limb;

Please hold my hand through joy and tears,
Day after day, year after year;

Please hold my hand, connect with me,
Free to be us, free to be we;

Please hold my hand I love you so,

Please stay with me, don't ever go.

(c) 2016, March 9

You did it with a look, you know,
You cast a spell, I can't let go;

When your eyes met mine...intense,
Now my world does not make sense;

Try and try I can't break free,
To find what's left of my sanity;

What will happen to my heart,
If I can't be with my split apart;

My faith is strong, I will not fear,
We'll work it out without a tear;

Our destiny is passion bound,
It's love, it's lust, it's all around;

You cast a spell I can't let go,
You did it with a look, you know.

(This is a page that I created in my art journal)

(c)Kimberly's Insanity -02/2016

Get out of bed, see your face,
Primp and prep for the human race;

Apply the makeup to you your eyes,
Work and stress until you die;

Skip your breakfast, rush and hurry,
They feed you fear, they feed you worry;

Force a smile, choke down lunch,
Play their games, take their punch;

Sit in traffic, cuss and fret,
Make your money, drown in debt;

You're feeling like you just can't win,
Yet do it all again and again.

This poem is dedicated to everyone who knows in their heart that there are other ways to live and that anything we want in life is possible if we want it, know it, and live it. Define your dreams and they are but yours.


The smell of your hair, the touch of your skin, You radiate beauty from outside and in;

Take my hand and be my girl, lead me there, complete my world;

Let me hold you with my heart, our love is rare we'll never part;

This time is ours no need to wait, don't think it through don't hesitate,

I'll be there with open arms, to take you in, safe and warm.


Her beauty is deep I seek her affections,
Her laughter, her light, her perfect imperfections;

With her fragile strength, she's a vision to see,
I need her poetic love, pour it all over me;

She knows who she is, she portrays a clear vision,
She will make up her mind with decisive indecision;

I truly believe she's my ultimate experience,
I'm even in love with her insecure confidence;

Her certainty abounds with quiet ambivalence;
No one can match her, there is no equivalent.

Does she love me or just the idea of me,
Sometimes its blurred by her confusing clarity;

Inside of a woman there's an intricate story,

If I'm patient she'll tell me, it's simplistic glory.


(c) 01/2016 Kimberly D Miller

I stand back on the beach in awe of the sight of the salt-laden waves crashing to the shore,  yet they pale in the unique artistry you bring to the definition of femininity. ..

Your soul emanates purity and honesty and in my eyes you can do no wrong for when I'm with you I lose sight of all else. With a single glance you bathe me in your poetic love,  no confusion, no shrouding, I can clearly see. ..

You stand by me through thick and thin. I no longer know where you stop and I begin. ..I cease to be me when I'm with you for together we are us, hearts, minds, bodies and souls reunited as one from another realm of existence. It takes my breath away and becomes my life, all of it, for I long for you and I'm drowning in such gratitude for this gift...

We hold the illusion that we can break free but we never will.'s bigger than anything we have ever known and defines the eternity from which we will never leave...nor would we want to.

After much, much work (phew!) I finally have
Sapphic Sonnets published and ready for sale...AND it is at a discounted price...only $6.00 (and some change). You can click the link, but you can also find it on, which is the primary place to buy with the discount.  In a week it will also be available on Barnes and Noble and Amazon.

I'm SO excited by this last edition to my poetry trilogy. I hope you will like it as much as I do and thank you for all of your support.  It means the world to me!!!

Accepting yourself for who you are, the realest of yous, can be a long time coming for some of us.  Add being a lesbian into that mix and you have a whole lot of confusion and emotional chaos to filter through as well. The greatest gift you can give yourself your whole life, albeit most likely one of the most difficult, is to be gut-wrenchingly honest with yourself about who you really are, and then be brave enough to live it...out and proud.  Then and only then will you ever really know freedom.

(c) 2015 Kimberly D Miller

We fight and we struggle, we push and we pull,
Our goal is the same, we want to feel whole;

The bravest thing that you can do,
Is to get to know the realest of yous;

Stand in the mirror and finally take stock,
We're running a race, a race with the clock;

Sometimes we build on a life that's untrue,
To try to show others their version of you;

We may even think that we like things we hate,
Just to convince us our heads are on straight;

We fear if we're honest we'll lose fam and friends,
But why live for others, why follow their trends;

Muster your courage before time is through,

Be true to yourself, be the realest of yous.

(c)2015 Kimberly D Miller

Her sensual lips, her haunting eyes,
Skin so soft I crawl inside;

I tremble, I yearn, I have to stay,
Because of a woman I feel this way;

My body can taste you where you are,
I constantly crave you from afar;

I wish you would write me about what's in your heart,
I wonder your thoughts when we are apart;

If I'm under a spell I don't want to break free,
I love who you are when you're out here with me;

Search inside, down low, high above,
Look at the sky it's the color of love;

I long to be near you, I wish you could stay,
Because of a woman I feel this way.

(c) 2015 Kimberly D Miller

With our arms stretched out in time,
I share your soul and you share mine;

We give each other what we need,
Long distance lines cannot impede;

Our kiss ignites a ring of fire,
Our touch assures our deep desires;

Our thoughts transcend before we speak,
We know instinctively what we seek;

We are separate and yet are one,
So connected, no need to run;

There's so much more we want to share,
What others think we'll never care;

We'll make time no need to waste,
Life's too short don’t heed to haste;

Let's hold hands as we explore,
Let's drift the boat without the oars;

Let's fly high where birds cant soar,
We'll share this journey to the core.

(c) 2015 Kimberly D Miller

Now and then I lose my way,
But from you I'd never stray,

From love has grown a budding trust,
Stay with me now, lost in our lust,

Bewildered, clumsy, often loud,
I'm many things, but always proud,

A crooked road, it's life's own path,
No ire, anger, rage or wrath,

Hand in hand our sculptured nails,
Interlaced, we're setting sail,

Bare your soul, don't fear a fall,
Reveal yourself, we'll have it all.

This work is copyrighted and may only be shared with express permission.

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