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Friday, May 22, 2015


Have you ever heard the term, “split-apart?” Some use “soul-mate” as the same reference but I love the term “split-apart” as it comes from the original theory of Plato, and I am a big fan of Greek philosophy.

I recently discovered a blog that explained this theory pretty well, Tracy states that, “The first ever written reference to each person having a destined mate was written by the ancient Greek philosopher, Plato (427 BC-348 BC). Plato's theory was that each human being is part of one soul, in which they only have half of. The idea is that the soul was "split-apart" and separated from each other– and, since that time, the two halves have been forever searching for one another in order to join together and regain their sense of original oneness. Many serious theorists propose that each of these alleged halves of the one soul learns all of life's lessons at their own pace, and if the two halves happen to cross paths at some point during life, they may have a powerful bond; because they are each other's "split-apart". They find a truly genuine connection, they're so alike in emotions or issues, that it can be an overwhelming and intense feeling...Now the question that rises is, when/if you meet your "split-apart" how will you know? I read an article about a man who claimed he had met his "split-apart" ten years previously to writing his article. He claimed it was "too much" for him, like Plato's theory states could occur. The way the man explained his reason for knowing it was her, was by stating that it was "an easy, natural kind of love", "a different kind of love he had ever felt." The man said he knew when he saw her, that it was something out of the ordinary; that when he looked her in the eyes, everything just made sense. When/if one were to meet their "split-apart", I believe it should be unique, unplanned and give you a feeling that you've never felt with another. I guess it's one of those things that you are unsure about, until you look at someone and wonder, "Is this what it feels like?"”

Now many of you may say that this is the same thing as a soulmate, however I believe a soulmate can be just that, someone who can be a mate to you and who has the same values, beliefs, etc., but not necessarily the ultimate match. You can choose to be a mate with anyone if you feel it is right, however a split-apart has no choice...once that soul was split, it set out to find that other half and if you are lucky enough to find it in your lifetime, you will know it the instant it happens because it will be like no other bond you have ever experienced. It will do things to your soul and your senses that you never imagined possible. Some even fear the feelings as they can be so overwhelming at first that they would have to either hold strong until they can handle them (as the feeling is so amazingly intense and unbelievably, gut-wrenchingly good), or they could turn tail and run from them, depriving themselves of the only truly unique experience they would ever have. Hard to say how one will react when they find the thing they have been searching for their whole lives.

I have felt like that. Like I have been searching my entire life for the one person who gets me like no one else has ever even tried. Who, within an instant, knows what the other is thinking or feeling. Who triggers so many feelings of deja vu because all of the visions you have had of each other are finally coming true. Who, when they aren't with you you can still feel each other from miles away and who wants nothing from me but to be with me simply because I'm me and vice versa. Not being one to settle for less as well as a hopeful, passionate romantic, I remain single until I can be with mine. I want the best out of life...the ultimate experience when it comes to love and sharing your life with someone and I will wait until I can make a life with my split-apart or remain single and have fun living life with my friends.

If you have been fortunate enough to have found your split-apart, we would love to hear about your experience. Please leave a comment below if you would like to share your story.

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