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Wednesday, November 4, 2015


It can be daunting to think of things in terms of “forever,” but certain things we do in life have our heads turned in that direction i.e., relationships, weddings, buying a house or a business, etc. It can also mean the difference in how we approach things and subsequently deal with them. There are people who never marry for the very reason that it is “forever,” so they approach relationships with a defeatist attitude because then, if things take a turn for the serious, they feel justified in running. There are people who never buy a house or even plant roots in one place for very long for fear they may be there “forever,” so they create temporary situations in their life so that things won't seem so dull and hum drum because if that should happen...they would run. There are people who refuse to diet because they think they have to give up certain foods “forever,” and I could go on.

The word “forever” is defined as “for all time,” meaning for the remaining time you have left on earth. How you approach your choices in life will determine your outcome and if you approach everything as though it were “forever,” you may become overwhelmed and ultimately make choices that you will most likely subconsciously sabotage.

The answer? Tell yourself that everything is just “for a time,” not “forever.” Everything, even being here in this realm of life, is just for a time. We use the term “forever” for so many things, but there is really is no such thing. We live from moment to moment and we can make as many things last for as long as we want them to or for as long as they are meant to last. Telling yourself that it is “for a time,” gives you breathing room and if you know that everything in life is just “for a time,” you will make the most of that time and the best of that situation.

Try to take the “forever” out of your thought pattern and replace it with the phrase “for a time,” and see if you feel the difference in your attitude and your approach to your decisions in life. Ultimately you will feel much lighter and not prone to take everything so seriously, which in turn helps you see the positive side to every situation, which keeps you on track to making the best choices you can make for your life. Eventually you will notice that the things that did last forever (up to now), did so because you approached them in baby steps "for a time."

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