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Tuesday, November 3, 2015


This is least that's the name I gave her and she seems to like it.  I came home from work and there she was, sitting on the bench on the back deck, making herself at home. We have many stray cats that roam our neighborhood but none that have been brave enough to hang out so closely when we are home.  I love angora Siamese.  I knew she would be skittish but I had to try.  I slowly opened the door and, as suspected, every little movement and noise I made put her on instant guard.  I began talking to her in my "animal voice" which is similar to the ones we use when we talk to babies, and she would come forward and then back up for quite some time.  At one point I left the back door open and told her to hold on as I would go and get her a can of tuna.  She came a little closer to the door when she heard the can opener and then I sat in the doorway on the floor, put the can out on the deck in front of me and talked to her gently until she was brave enough to come and take a little food.  We went on in this pattern for about 15 minutes and then I let my hand dangle on the ground while she ate.  Little by little she came over and sniffed it and then ran back, then crept back up and ate more food and then rubbed my hand with her head a little. Eventually she was letting me pet her head and guiding my hand every step of the way as I did.  Once she trusted me she crawled up into my lap and rubbed all over me, letting me know just how starved for affection she was.  I was so honored that I could build her trust up and now I have a new friend.  The next morning I could see from my room that she was at the back door so I went down and opened the door and talked to her. She took a few minutes to trust me again, but then she was right there, loving my hand as I pet her wherever she insisted.  I had to go to work though, so I said goodbye and closed the door. She stayed on the deck, staring up at the window, breaking my heart with her beautiful, blue eyes.

If you live alone (or even if you don't), consider letting a pet adopt you...they have so much love to give keep you from being lonely...they are so grateful for so little. 

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