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Saturday, November 7, 2015


Did you ever want to just express yourself to someone but fear stopped you?  Fear of how they might react, fear of how they would interpret what you meant, fear of our feelings not being returned in the way we had hoped, fear of rejection, fear of the outcome in general?  Expression is everything…it’s how we relate to one another…how we become friends, lovers, partners, etc. 

When fear stops us from communicating in the way our heart guides us to do, this unexpressed communication can build up inside of us and actually hinder the very relationship we wanted only to nurture in the first place.  We build up frustration and misery because we want to say something or tell someone how we feel about whatever subject may be on our minds, and then that frustration can turn into anger and that anger can be misdirected at the very person we were trying to express our feelings to. 

For me it has always been a fear of rejection due to it happening to me almost every time I love someone, but I have come to realize that expressing love for someone is a good thing because love is good in all forms and should be shared at all costs.  If it leads to rejection then it's better to find that out sooner rather than later so you can move forward.  The expression of love is what life is all about and need not be feared or attached to expectations. 

There is a trick to communicating effectively though.  The trick is to make sure that you are kind.  Think about what you want to say first and make sure that how you relay these feelings is in a respectful, loving and considerate manner, taking the other person's feelings by the hand.  Be empathetic as though what you were going to say was going to be said to you instead.  How you convey your feelings is equally, if not more important that what you actually say.

No matter your relationship or the degree of your relationship with another person, make sure to communicate freely and often and if you have something to say, don’t fear it…just say it.

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