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Me, Me, Me

    While in the middle of a conversation this morning, it dawned on me just how many times a day I use the word “I” or “me.”  Then I wondered if this was due to narcissistic tendencies or something even further out of the realm of my conscious life.  Upon deeper thought, I came to the conclusion that most of it is because of narcissism, but then again, what’s wrong with a certain level of narcissism anyway?  We are born to this world alone and  we leave it alone.  In between we are very lucky if we get to share our lives with loved ones and acquaintances.  Personally I have found that my greatest pleasure thus far has been the fact that I got to be a mother and share my life and my love with a totally terrific individual, to have the opportunity to help mold and shape him into the person he is today and the fact that the person he is today, isn’t totally tweaked in the head.  We are all we have in the most technical sense of the word.   When you spend time alone, you hav

Everything Old Is New Again

  As I browsed through my ever-growing photo library, I noticed a particular theme throughout. Everything old and everything that has been or could be fixed up or represented some other era, was something I was interested in taking pictures of and/or taking home. What is it about broken down items and things of the past that makes someone like me draw to them, inexplicably?   I think it’s either the fact that I like to fix things, always have, or the fact that it makes me wonder where the piece has been and if it could tell its story, what fascinating tells would it tell?  This is especially true for old barns and dilapidated buildings.  It must be annoying for anyone traveling anywhere with me in the car because whether I’m driving or riding I’m either pulling over for every old barn and home or yelling, “Pull over, I need to take a picture of that old …,” and we undoubtedly arrive at our destination at a snail’s pace. My home is full of antique furniture and antique ephemera,

I'VE HAD A BLOGOVER (much like a makeover but with a blog)

I am so excited by my new blogover.  I was feeling like I needed a change for so long and then I remembered that my friend Graham over at One Man's Travels, had had his blog redecorated and by a fabulous designer.  Her name is Chica .  She is the owner/operator of Design Bug Graphic Design.  So if your feeling like your blog is in a rut, take a look at what she can do for you.  Her prices are very reasonable and she makes darn sure you are going to be happy and have what you want. I HIGHLY recommend checking her out. Thank you Chica - and my blog thanks you too.  You rocked my blog.


It truly amazes me at how much beauty there is in the world and how much we take for granted every day.  I took this picture visiting Truth or Consequences, New Mexico a few months back and I'm not sure I truly appreciated just how beautiful this scene was at the time.   Looking it over today I realized how fortunate I was to have been able to have been there on such a calm day to actually capture this serene scene with my camera.  And then I realized just how much beauty I take for granted every day, not just that which the eye can see, but all that the senses can take in; a child's voice saying, "I love you, Mom," the sound of rain falling against the desert floor, the scent of clean air, the gentle touch of a loved one, the taste of favorite foods.  I could go on all day, but I won't. Take in the beauty around you today and every day and realize how wonderful it is to be a part of it all.


Well, not literally (that would be really messy), but definitely artistically.  My dear friend Dawn of recently sent me a box of new-found sanity entitled, "The Happy Box."  In it I discovered and actual Happy Book which rocked my socks off in its creativity and how we get to do daily activities, artistically of course, in a way that we discover what makes up really happy and helps us find the happiness in the day itself.  It is a lot of fun and therapeutic as well.  Please visit her site with the link above.  She blogs about  the book and gives more specifics than I have provided. To retaliate happiness to her, the day I received the box I got on the internet and arranged it so that the next day she would have a man show up at her door (nothing kinky - darn it) to deliver huge "Thank You" balloons and a flower to her with a note card letting her know I received her box.  She just called and told me that it was a


I have wanted to have my own business since I can remember, but either never could settle on one thing or the other as I love to do so many things.  Finally, through all of the turmoil as of late, I finally got it narrowed down to professional organizing.  Organizing has been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember and the one thing that has always brought me inner peace (weird, I know).  I finally have my licenses and website and am ready for action.  I hope this goes extremely well.  I am SO excited.  I hope you will stop by and check out my new website.  I am really enjoying setting them up and I'm rather proud of this one. 


Remember all of the books on the powers of positive thinking?  I believe that was the era that created the phrase, "I think, therefore I am."   I have done a lot of pondering lately, mostly because since my mother died I am having to do so much processing to try to fill the void in my daily life where she used to be, and thought about how many of us think negatively throughout the day on a daily basis (me being president of the club lately).  For instance, "I think I'm a loser," "I think I'm fat," "I think I'm unattractive," "I think I'm fat and unattractive," "I don't think I'll make it," "I don't think I'll ever amount to much," "I think I'm a bad parent," etc.  So, therefore, if positive thinking is so very powerful, just imagine the power behind negative thinking.  I believe it would be a great treat to each and every one of us (and I am going to start this tomor


...well, technically not MY store, but my studio in the Artfire store is now up and ready to sell my stuff.  I'm so excited about this.  I worked on it all day and I think it turned out rather well.  If you get a chance, please stop by and visit my studio .