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Monday, January 18, 2010


Well, not literally (that would be really messy), but definitely artistically.  My dear friend Dawn of recently sent me a box of new-found sanity entitled, "The Happy Box."  In it I discovered and actual Happy Book which rocked my socks off in its creativity and how we get to do daily activities, artistically of course, in a way that we discover what makes up really happy and helps us find the happiness in the day itself.  It is a lot of fun and therapeutic as well.  Please visit her site with the link above.  She blogs about  the book and gives more specifics than I have provided.

To retaliate happiness to her, the day I received the box I got on the internet and arranged it so that the next day she would have a man show up at her door (nothing kinky - darn it) to deliver huge "Thank You" balloons and a flower to her with a note card letting her know I received her box.  She just called and told me that it was a creative way to let her know I got her package.  I'm such a stinker!

Her family had gone through much sadness at the end of 2009 as did me and my family with loss and death.  She decided that we were going to have a happy year this year damn it!  I'm so glad she did.

The next thing I found in the box was a bookmark and 6x6 piece of paper with Zentangles drawn on them.  They are beautiful.  I was immediately drawn to these Zentangles as I had never really seen them before.  She also sent me paper and pen so I could start Zentangling immeditately.  Not only did I begin creating them immediately, but I'm on my fourth one right now.  Not sure what a Zentangle is?  Here is the first one I created last night:

 I began this piece by drawing a simple ladder in the upper, left corner of the paper and from there I just exploded.  It was as though all of those years that I hadn't picked up pen and paper (I used to draw incessantly) just raced out of me and onto the pages.  The next few I have created I will mat and frame in a series of three.  This is the one that will be on the bottom:

Also in the box was a set of beautiful note cards, a small "Thankful" journal she had made, and some really nice calendar sheets for 2010.  

Thank you from my heart and artistic soul, Dawn.  You always know how to lift my spirits.

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