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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Everything Old Is New Again

As I browsed through my ever-growing photo library, I noticed a particular theme throughout.
Everything old and everything that has been or could be fixed up or represented some other era, was something I was interested in taking pictures of and/or taking home.
What is it about broken down items and things of the past that makes someone like me draw to them, inexplicably?   I think it’s either the fact that I like to fix things, always have, or the fact that it makes me wonder where the piece has been and if it could tell its story, what fascinating tells would it tell? 
This is especially true for old barns and dilapidated buildings.  It must be annoying for anyone traveling anywhere with me in the car because whether I’m driving or riding I’m either pulling over for every old barn and home or yelling, “Pull over, I need to take a picture of that old …,” and we undoubtedly arrive at our destination at a snail’s pace.
My home is full of antique furniture and antique ephemera, so much so that I think it is actually running my son and I out of the house, literally.  We are going to have to move somewhere else and pay mortgage on this house just to store all of the antiques I have.
I am always looking for new antique items and websites so if anyone out there knows of any good websites, I would appreciate your letting me know.
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