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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Me, Me, Me




While in the middle of a conversation this morning, it dawned on me just how many times a day I use the word “I” or “me.”  Then I wondered if this was due to narcissistic tendencies or something even further out of the realm of my conscious life. 

Upon deeper thought, I came to the conclusion that most of it is because of narcissism, but then again, what’s wrong with a certain level of narcissism anyway?  We are born to this world alone and  we leave it alone.  In between we are very lucky if we get to share our lives with loved ones and acquaintances.  Personally I have found that my greatest pleasure thus far has been the fact that I got to be a mother and share my life and my love with a totally terrific individual, to have the opportunity to help mold and shape him into the person he is today and the fact that the person he is today, isn’t totally tweaked in the head. 

We are all we have in the most technical sense of the word.   When you spend time alone, you have you.  It isn’t as though there is no one there because you are someone and I have grown to accept and also love who I am, so when I am alone, I’m still with someone I love, even like to spend time with.  So what’s wrong with using the word “I” and “me” to a certain degree?  Nothing at all in my opinion, unless the degree of narcissism is so severe that a person loses sight of the fact that there are other people in the world and other people in their lives and that they are just as important as those people and not more important.  I mean, it could get out of hand if you let it, but a certain degree of narcissism is extremely normal.

So, anyway, I decided that since it bothered me so, I was going to make a conscious effort to do more in the way of giving or sharing.  The difficult part of this venture will be that I have very little or no money so the only thing I am able to give is my time and attention.

If anyone out there knows of some really great ways to give to others in need without having to donate money, please let me know.  I would very much appreciate learning who and what is out there that I can help in either a small or large capacity.  It’s time I did more for others and I want to start now.

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