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Saturday, February 18, 2017


(c) Kimberly Kreations - 02-2017
(c) Kimberly Kreations - 02-2017
If you live a life in which you are predominantly asleep ninety-nine percent of the time (work, home, t.v.), and you feel that nothing good ever happens to you, then it's time to break out of prison...the prison you have made for yourself, whether you knew it was happening or not.  You get this one shot at living your life...why wouldn't you live it to its fullest?  Granted some or most of your self-imprisonment could have been instilled in you during your "formative" years by the people in your life at that time, however how you choose to live now just might be the lock that binds your shackles.

If you have never read or watched The Secret, then you owe it to yourself to do so.  I have spoken about it in past posts, but I cannot stress enough what a great tool it is to help you take that first, all important step to making your life a positive, healthy and prosperous one.

One of my favorite sayings, and I think I love it because I am working so diligently toward it myself, is "Never let your fear decide your fate."  Those of you who know me know that this particular, four-letter, "F" word (fear), is one of the most powerful, potent and damaging words in the English language.  It keeps us from doing so many of the things we want to do.  When we embrace it, generally subconsciously, it keeps us from living life, at keeps us limited and small when we are otherwise meant to be living large, with abundance.  Embrace it and live a life of imprisonment.  As I have said in the past, turning your entire life around can seem a daunting and difficult process, however you CAN do it because you have the power.   Lately I have encountered this topic with others quite frequently, so I thought I would lay out the steps that work for me with the hope that they will help others as well.

STEP 1.  Monitor your thoughts...those which are not positive or self-serving, after a time, will set off an alarm, but to begin with try to write down a thought every time you catch yourself with a negative or damaging thought.

STEP 2.  Know your damage...How do you know if a thought is negative or self-sabotaging?  Sit down and make a list, which helps you to first understand what you are looking for.  We have so many things racing through our brains that we literally need to be monitoring heavily in the beginning in order to put markers on those that hurt us.  Ask yourself if this thought went straight to the negative side of the coin or the positive and how to can turn it around.

STEP 3. Know that thoughts are things...and because of this, and because we are made up entirely of energy (which houses our soul in this realm), what you think about, you bring about.  Do you ever wonder why it is that when you think about a person you haven't heard from or spoken to in a long time that they will contact you in some way or someone else may bring them up in conversation?  It is because you were thinking about them....or why, when your morning starts out a little rough (spilled cereal in your lap, dropped a banana on the floor after you peeled it and broke the heel on your shoe as you were leaving for work), the rest of the day seems to follow?  It's because you took that negative energy and already decided that the rest of your day was going to go just like it will.  What about during an election when the popular person, who has most of the votes and who you know is going to win, will lose to their opponent simply because the oponent is so negative and controversial that everyone's energy was focused upon him/her and their bad behavior.

STEP 4.  Know what you want...This was my toughest one, personally.  I know what I don't want but by thinking those thoughts I bring about the very thing I don't want.  If you are thinking things like, "I don't want to get fat," or "I don't want to have a heart attack," or "I don't want to take this job," then you are increasing the odds that you are going to get fat, have a heart attack, and take that job.  Why?  Because you said or thought the words fat, heart attack and job.  You gave them energy and power they needed to manifest by thinking about them and saying them. Say and think about what you want, i.e. I want to be thin or I want my weight proportionate to my height...I am heart healthy, I have a healthy body...I want money and I want financial freedom.  Is this any easy process to begin?  For some yes, but for most...not even (it wasn't for me either).  It takes time to reconstruct thought patterns that are so automatic, but it can always be done and it is up to you to decide if you find it worth it or not.  I have seen the proof of what positive living can do in my life and I have just barely scratched the surface as I am still working these steps myself.

STEP 5.  Stop complaining...Complaining, whether you do it out loud or just in your head, it draws all of that negativity right into your lap.  If you find yourself in a situation where you would normally say that you don't like something, try stating only the things you do like and go around the outside of the negative thought.  An example might be having drinks with friends after work and a person you don't care for at all (let's call her Cassie) will be there and you find yourself filled with dread.  One way to combat this is to not go, obviously, but that limits you and keeps you from seeing your other friends who you are excited to see, so find the good.  Find the good qualities in Cassie and make those the things you tell yourself, like Cassie might have had a hard life and she doesn't know how to be around people because of it, or that Cassie sometimes she buys the rounds of drinks so she must have a bit of a giving soul.  If you don't know Cassie very well you can make up a positive back story about her and in this way enjoy the evening with the whole group.  There is always a positive way.

One thing that ties all of these things together, is an attitude of gratitude.  BE THANKFUL for all of the amazing and great things in your life...for a healthy body, for the money that comes into your life, for the people you love and those who love you.  Things won't manifest well for you if you are not grateful first for who you are and what you have.  Break out of your life...your way.

(c)Kimberly Kreations 2017 - My trip to the beach this morning

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