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Today I rediscovered a post that had been lingering in my "Drafts" folder from March of 2014, which was just a few months before I moved to Oregon.  The reason I decided to publish it now is that I read it back and realized that I have come so far since the day I had these feelings.  I have become a much more positive person leading a way more positive life and I never knew that would ever happen for me.  I post it today with hope that anyone who reads it, who ever had feelings like these and can relate to this, will know beyond a shadow of a doubt, that you can live a positive life, you can  loosen up and accept change as it comes, and you can reverse all of your negative patterns and fill your soul with happiness, joy, laughter and all things wonderful...May God bless your life as he has mine. A HALF EMPTY SOUL March 2014 How do you fill a half-empty soul? This is the question that has plagued me since I started losing so many close relationships from my l


Have you ever had the epiphany that the last words you say to someone, could actually be the last words you will ever say to them and vice versa? Life is so much so that every single moment of your life counts more than you know. Every action, every word toward another human being impacts their life as well as yours. Are you someone who possesses profound integrity and honesty? If you are then the things you say before you leave a person, either by phone, text, email or in person, will be real...they will be pretenses, no lies, no games. If not, then the things you say could be based on falsehoods and games and sometimes even harsh emotions from feeling hurt or seeking revenge and other negative emotions. The thing to keep in mind however, is that when you talk to someone, no matter who it is and no matter your fear of their reaction, have the courage to be honest and real and make sure the words you choose represent the depths of what is in y


If you know me, then you know that one of my favorite past times is observing people, be it real life or characters on t.v., and although I have always held to the conviction that beauty is indeed skin deep, it is only lately that I have settled into my own skin enough to realize the validity of this adage. People who possess courage, kindness and self-confidence are beautiful...period.  It makes no difference what they look like in the body they were dealt...they are beautiful. The more you realize, especially the next time you look in the mirror or deflect a judgment from someone else, that you are the best you you can be and you are so very proud of that, no matter what you look like on the outside, know that you are beautiful and that everyone sees the beautiful person you are...but yours is the only judgment that matters Thank you so much for visiting my blog and please, if you like what you've read, leave a comment by clicking on the word "comments" below.