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Friday, November 25, 2016


Have you ever had the epiphany that the last words you say to someone, could actually be the last words you will ever say to them and vice versa? Life is so much so that every single moment of your life counts more than you know. Every action, every word toward another human being impacts their life as well as yours.

Are you someone who possesses profound integrity and honesty? If you are then the things you say before you leave a person, either by phone, text, email or in person, will be real...they will be pretenses, no lies, no games. If not, then the things you say could be based on falsehoods and games and sometimes even harsh emotions from feeling hurt or seeking revenge and other negative emotions. The thing to keep in mind however, is that when you talk to someone, no matter who it is and no matter your fear of their reaction, have the courage to be honest and real and make sure the words you choose represent the depths of what is in your heart. People play so many games and because of that often leave one another from moment to moment with words that were either left unspoken or less than genuine due to fear of the outcome or reaction. Fear can keep you from revealing that you love someone, maybe even more than you are aware...from telling them that you love them with all of your heart...that maybe you are in love with them and to what degree, in which case you will never know what would have happened if you had...what could have will foster regrets.

Something to keep front of mind is the fact that people you cherish in any way could die at a moment's notice, or that you could die...or you might leave each other's lives for other, unforeseen circumstances or reasons. People leave your life for so many yourself and the people you love a favor...speak from the heart...reveal everything...fear nothing, and you will live without regret.

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