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Sunday, August 28, 2016


We often hear people say that you should honor your (thy) mother, honor your (thy) father, honor the people who serve our country, honor your elders, etc. One thing I seldom hear people say is that you should honor the most precious gift you have been given and ever will receive…your life.

Hmmm, how do I honor my life you might ask? Do I throw it a parade? Do I buy it a trophy or plaque? Do I throw it a party or make it a celebratory dinner? I would say that those would definitely be fun ideas, but not quite what I had in mind…lol. We honor our bodies by showing them respect…by eating the foods that make them healthy because when they are healthy they don’t have to work so hard. We honor them by making sure we are rooted in a spirituality that nurtures who we truly are. We honor them by taking time for ourselves so our minds are not full of stress which thereby takes a negative turn on our bodies. We honor them by loving ourselves and showing ourselves complete and utter respect.

Your life can and will be all you want it to be so make sure you approach it from love and positivity and above all...honor.

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