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Sunday, February 21, 2016


(c) Kimberly's Insanity

Did you ever take stock of your life and realize just how many true and authentic friends you actually have?  The old adage goes that if you’re lucky, you can count your true friends on one hand, but that you will have many acquaintances et al, who will enter and leave your life quickly and sometimes without rhyme or reason.  I used to wonder what the purpose was of those people who enter our lives for just a short time and then came to realize that they are lessons.  Each person that has entered my life, whether the outcome was good or bad, has taught me a valuable lesson and been an intricate  part of advancing my life on its true course. 

I used to get angry when I let certain people in who in turn, I felt, would use me in some manner, but then again, I was the one who let them use me so the “oops” was really on me, not on them. Each time though, I learned something about myself, about life, about feelings, emotions and value.  Each time I’ve gained insight into who I am on a much deeper level as I notice my reactions to their actions and sometimes, very rarely mind you, I come out of it with someone who actually sticks around…someone who actually cares about me…someone who I know I can count on through thick and thin, ups and downs, sanity or insanity, fighting and making up, with a “forever” feel to our connection. 

An invaluable lesson to learn is that you are responsible for how you feel and that no one can MAKE you feel hurt or used or sad or miserable or elated or happy or guilty or make up your own mind as to how you wish to react to each and every situation in your life. If you encounter a situation in which you feel as though someone has done you wrong, ask yourself why you attached expectations to this situation and if you had not done so, would you still feel hurt...expectations will ruin it for you almost 100% of the time. It isn't realistic to go around thinking that life should be "fair" because the word "fair" is defined solely by you, therefore if a situation doesn't go according to your particular guidelines, you let yourself feel as though it is "unfair" and that someone other than yourself has let you down. The reality here is that you let yourself down by setting yourself up with expectations. This can cause misunderstandings with people in your life which can only be made right with communication....the most important thing two people can share.

I am so grateful for this beautiful life I have been given and I cherish it... for the clean slate I am granted every morning, for free will and for the awesome people who enter my life, who see me for who I really am (even on my road to self-discovery) and still want to stay.  I grow stronger every day because of my faith and trust and profound integrity and I am fortunate to have the most amazing people for friends...who I now consider family.

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