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Sunday, February 7, 2016


How completely awesome would it be if we could do in life what we can do in games? When we play board games or card games with people who allow it, we can make a move, regret it and be granted a "do-over." Aside from games however, there are very few areas in life that allow this to happen.

I started thinking about this concept a few weeks ago when a friend of mine said she wanted a do-over for something that happened in her life for which she didn't fully like the outcome, and I liked the concept. I began thinking about all the things in my life that, had I wanted them to turn out my way and not the way it was intended, I could have had a do-over. For instance, the obvious one would be my choice in the numbers that I picked when playing the billion-dollar lottery a couple of weeks ago. Now that I know what the numbers are, I could have a do-over and pick the winning numbers. Another one might be the way I behaved and the things I said during an evening I spent with someone that just didn't turn out well. Knowing the outcome and the way the other person misinterpreted what I had said, I could go back and say the right things and adjust my attitude to a laid-back attitude in which everything just rolled off my back and I didn't react the way I had before. Oh, another good one would be now that it's years later and I see how life turned out in certain areas, I would have said yes to my first choice in careers, said yes to finishing college and would be happy in my career right now and essentially financially free. This is a good one, had I known years ago that it would have been okay to have come out of the closet back then, I would have done so in my youth and would be with the love of my life right now and had more years of being secure in who I am. 

Another definition for this concept is hind-sight. We all know the saying about hind-sight being 20/20 (as in vision), and it's true. Here is the thing though; if we were meant to be able to control our lives that easily, it would be possible. The fact that it's not and that we don't have the opportunity to get do-overs in life, means that our lives will take the course we are meant to take by the decisions we are meant to make to guide them there. Timing is everything. Sometimes it can be so hard to wait and be patient for the things we want, for the things we may even know are going to happen, but there is no choice because for things to happen the way they are meant to happen, events must take place with exact timing and precision. I was watching an episode of Fringe one night and there was a man who figured out that, in order to achieve killing someone without being linked to it, he could work out a chain of events that would make that happen. He went up to the top of a bridge and waited for a woman to ride by on a bicycle and as she did, he dropped a penny (I'm sure I'm off on the particulars of this scenario, but it is for the sake of demonstration only). The penny hit her right pedal and bounced off, hitting a coke bottle that was left on top of a fire extinguisher, which hit the ground and rolled in front of a man who stepped on it, tripped and fell, taking down three people in front of him, the third of which grabbed onto the leg of a woman in front of him who stumbled into a man next to her and knocked him into the street in front of an oncoming cab and was killed. That's how life is. One small decision can affect something moments away and then leading to years away, and can be completely positive or negative depending upon our choice.

While it would certainly be an easy and awesome thing to get do-overs in life, it sure would take the challenge out of it and, without the challenge, it would be too predictable and even dull at times. We all want times where life seems a little dull, especially those of us who pull too much stress into our lives. It is hard to have patience to wait for what we want, but if we don't, we drive ourselves nuts and become frustrated and that creates more stress which can even exacerbate the situation making it worse before it gets better. 

Learning to be happy and content in the here and now and focusing on positive results for the future will eliminate stress and allow for the manifestation of those positive results. Never stop wishing for the things you want and never stop trying to attain them, merely practice patience and you will get everything you ever wanted...when it's time.

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