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Tuesday, February 16, 2016


(c)Kimberly's Insanity 2016

You know the childrens' movies where the fairy godmother helps someone go from rags to riches, unhappy to happy, pauper to princess? I can't tell you the number of times growing up that I wished I had one, but alas it was not my I have however, recently gained the guidance of one...sort of (although more likely it's an angel).

Lately, whenever I encounter a situation that could go in a negative direction, the moment just before I react I hear this voice in my head (atypical of insanity, I know, and I haven't ruled that completely out as yet...hahaha), and it says, "Come from a place of love." The voice is female, soft, gentle and comforting. It started about a month ago and at first, it seemed really odd, but now I welcome hearing it, even long for it sometimes. It stops me in my tracks and makes me re-think the way I am about to react. It has saved me from going straight to anger, from making rash decisions, from judging people, from making bad decisions, from closing myself off as quickly as I used to and so much more. 

As I thought about why this began to happen in my life, I realized that this is a manifestation of the work I have been doing to bring my subconscious thoughts to my conscious mind to retrain the way I react in life. I now have a positive trigger that has begun to look after my well-being if you will, and I'm so happy that it comes to me in this crazy, insane way.

I wanted to share this with you because the results have been amazing. I am learning to stop myself from reacting to things so quickly and off the cuff and I am manifesting positive results all over the place. It's amazing. 

I hope the next time you begin to react to a situation in a way that may not bring you the best outcome, you will be able to stop, think it over for a few seconds, and then come from a place of love. It will truly change your life.

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