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Tuesday, January 26, 2016


I was talking to a friend of mine that I haven't seen in awhile on the phone last night for about 2 hours and, because she is one of those people I can talk to about any and every subject, we always cover the topic of sex.  One thing she asked me was, "If you were with the woman of your dreams (we were also on that and were only allowed to do one thing of an intimate nature with her that day, which would you rather do...hold hands, have sex, or kiss?" My answer?  I'll take the kiss for 500, Alex.  Hands down, every time (okay, not EVERY time, cuz I need the other two in a bad way also...lmao.) She, of course, wanted to know why I chose the kiss, so I had to explain to her that for me, the kiss is where the passion lies and I am all about the passion in life...all areas of life.  A kiss is the intimacy, the raw, animal connection between two people that, when a deep connection exists, is like no other area in life.  You can have sex with just about anybody, but that kiss-connection is hard to come by and should be bowed-down to if you are lucky enough to find it. Unfortunately with my past partners I have never really found anyone who feels the same way I do about kissing, but my next partner will be someone who feels that passion and has that connection.  I want to meet someone who wants to start off "necking" before getting down and dirty (that's the only way I could think of to say that...sorry if I offend...:)).   Having known me for 20 years, my friend said she knew that I would choose the kiss.  I love that she knows me like that.

Okay, now that I have rambled on too long about kissing (my analogy), my point is this...that is the kind of passion I have for all areas of life.  Don't you want to feel that way about everything?  I think passion in all you do should be the key reason for doing it.  If you have a job in which you don't have that kind of passion for, then ask yourself why you are wasting your time, settling for something you don't really care about at the end of the day, when life is so short.  If you live in a situation or dwelling that doesn't make you feel passionate about every inch of it, ask yourself what you can do to change that and turn it around to feel passionate about it.  If you are in a relationship that is lacking that kind of passion, again ask yourself what you can do to turn that around and make it into something you feel so passionate about that there could be no other choice (albeit some may want to start anew...but that completes the goal).  Relationships are work for sure, but when you are in them, doing the work, make sure you keep the passion for each other if you had it in the beginning.  Passion doesn't mean sex (in every situation) can just mean feeling so deeply about something that you are there, in the moment, honoring that passion with someone or something you feel it for.  It can be a child, a partner, a job, a career, a house, a hobby, etc.

Live for the kiss in's all about the kiss.

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