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Tuesday, January 19, 2016


Tonight I was looking through my blog posts, back through January's past, and came upon this post from January, 2009. Dilapidation is still a favorite subject of mine in all shapes and forms...take a look:


Did you ever come across an old, run down building or discarded suitcase or other old item, and wonder what story it could tell if it could talk? I wonder about things like this all the time, hence my interest in taking pictures of dilapidation. 

I was driving through McNeal, Arizona one weekend and on the way home there were so many old, falling down buildings and barns like this that I Just couldn't resist stopping in the middle of the highway to take pictures from the truck. Thank God it is a pretty lonely highway or I would have caused some serious accidents.

I think there is a part of me, maybe a part that has lived long ago, that sympathizes and wonders about all things past. I wonder who lived in this old house and why they had to leave it. How many families actually resided in it through the years, how many children grew up here, marking the walls with their growth patterns? I wonder if they planted that tree and how many gardens were sown and reaped there. I wonder why there is no fence surrounding the house. Did they use the whole field for a yard? Or just the back 40? Who patched the roof? How did it come to need patching? Were there curtains in the windows and what pattern was the fabric? I imagine a nice red or blue country print.

I find it so intriguing to paint a mental picture, especially with photographs, of how things used to be or could have been. I sometimes even go futuristic and think about how it could be if someone were to come along and make it new again. I hope I never outgrow my wandering curiosities as they keep me fresh!!!

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