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Sunday, January 17, 2016


Inside each and every one of us lives a weirdo. I can't even count how many times throughout my life I have been called a weirdo and, in the beginning I took it as an insult, but have since learned that it is the highest form of compliment and I am proud to be one.

What, you may ask, is your inner weirdo? Your inner weirdo is the real you...the quirky you...the you that most people keep hidden and only reveal occasionally to a few trusted individuals for fear of being judged and not accepted by others (there's that horrible fear factor again). Unique is beautiful (no, not Monique...unique). Some people feel that those of us who don't or won't blend in with the pack, so to speak, are weird and therefore...not like the others (I loved that song on Sesame of these things is not like the  I was always kind of a loner a child and could never really identify with the other kids. I think I had the realization most heavily that I was "not like the others" during the time that I was coming out.  I had to work really hard to understand who I was and embrace the fact that I was very different from those around me...those in my then-current world.  Having been a person with very low self-esteem at the time and one who feared being judged and not accepted, it was a very difficult time for me, but for the sage advice and support I received from a few trusted individuals who taught me that it is not only okay to be who you are, but the most honest thing you can do for yourself.  You were born to be you...not to be like everybody else. I feel bad for people who fear (or live in fear in general) being shunned because they want to be who they are meant to be. Some of these poor people will never know the freedom of this honesty because they will never understand how to be who they are meant to be.

A person who possesses profound integrity, knows the joys of being comfortable in their own skin...and thereby encourages everyone in their lives to be comfortable in theirs. I can say from experience that I prefer to have people in my life who are comfortable being who themselves, but I also enjoy helping people who are in search of themselves, in their journey if and when I am sought out for the help. I am always honored to be included in what I consider to be the ultimate quest one can embark upon. 

Once you have embarked on the journey and have found and accepted who you are, do yourself the ultimate favor of revealing your inner weirdo to others.  Begin with those you trust because you may still have fear of not being accepted at this point. Once you have accomplished this first step, you will know the freedom of letting go of social pretenses and plastic facades and knowing that it is more than okay to be who you are meant to's honest. You also have to realize that not everyone is going to like you and not everyone is going to be happy with you all the time, which is okay.  This makes no difference to who you are and to the personal life you are living. This is the least thing you should ever be concerned about because you are living your life for you, not for other people. 

When you reach the point in which you are comfortable revealing your inner weirdo to others, pat yourself on the back for all of your hard work and reap the rewards of this new-found freedom. It is the ultimate form of letting go.  You will then begin to notice all of the wonderful and exciting people and opportunities that start to flow into your life. Enjoy owe yourself that freedom and joy.

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