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Saturday, November 21, 2015


((c) Kimberly D Miller...This is a picture of a dilapidated house that I love in Smith River)


With Thanksgiving right around the corner there are so many conversations in the air about family get-togethers and plans. Several people I know are hosting large gatherings, one in particular with more than 16!

For me it will be a very quiet day spent working on art projects (happily), but it got me thinking about something that can be applied to the preparation of these gatherings, as well as every other aspect of life...DELEGATION.

To delegate work is to divide the project at hand into as many small parts as there are people available to handle each aspect. Potlucks are great examples of delegating a gathering, with each person attending being responsible for bringing an assigned this way the work load on the host is lessened greatly and everyone feels equally good about their contribution to the meal.

The holiday meal is traditionally a lot of work and to lessen the load, see if you can allow yourself to delegate and share the workload if you are hosting the gathering. If you are not delegating assigned dishes, make sure you delegate parts of the meal, be it cooking, decorating, setting the table, cleaning, etc., to one or more of the guests/family members and ask for help when they arrive...there is no shame in asking for help, even though many of us view it as a sign of weakness. In fact it proves just how much respect you have for you in that you don't make yourself completely exhausted by taking on every aspect of the gathering alone. On the other side of the coin, if you are attending a meal, offer to bring something and/or help clean up afterward...anything to help, even voluntary delegation.

This concept is not only beneficial for a holiday meal, but in every aspect of life... your work life, your home life, your social life. Being secure enough to delegate means being filled with self-confidence and self-love to allow yourself to take a deep breath and let it out fully while others are helping you ease many of your burdens and tough moments in life. You needn't count on yourself to handle everything alone and let's face it, it is hard to ask for help sometimes (I'm terrible at it) but I know from experience that the times that I allow myself to do so, are the times that I can achieve what I wish to achieve to the depths that I wish to achieve them without the negative connotations dragging me down.

Be kind to yourself...start with this holiday season by delegating or helping others do so and bring that ability to delegate with you into every aspect of your life so your life can be filled with ease and you can fully live it!!! Delegate!!!

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