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Thursday, November 19, 2015



While we go on and on about improving ourselves, we often forget to stop along the way and pat ourselves on the back for our progress.

Each day offers new challenges to surmount and overcome and new people to interact with in some way (or sometimes familiar people to interact with in a new way). Today I patted myself on the back, for not only did I manage to overcome several issues at work, I also did so after having been down for two days with a really bad cold and sinus infection. I am proud of myself for having the strength to stick to the new ways in which I told myself I would approach life now, in the positive ways and because of that I owe so much gratitude, not only to those people in my life who have helped and influenced me, but to the universe and to myself.

You work hard everyday and I don't mean at your job (although I'm sure you do that as well). You work hard every time you try. Each time you try to do something, accomplish something, help someone, make an effort to effectuate change in positive ways, you work hard to do it and for that you need to pat yourself on the back and thank yourself for never giving in...for sticking to it.

For all you do to move forward in positive, healthy ways, give yourself the kudos your deserve followed by a huge applause and an encore every deserve it!

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