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Wednesday, October 28, 2015


From time to time on my day-trip excursions I encounter awesome conversations with people I meet along the way. During my last journey I met a retired couple on the trolley in Astoria and our conversation led to the topic of happiness and how you find it. My point on the subject was that you don't need to “find” it because you are born with this joy in your heart. It is always inside of us, but we sometimes lose sight of it along with what truly matters in life. Sometimes it is necessary for us to make the conscious decision every day to bring that happiness to the surface and nurture it through the day. We all have this ability and this choice but, because it requires effort...some of us will choose to leave it buried.

As we continued our conversation the woman added that she was raised by parents who always seemed miserable and she thought that that was how you were supposed to be and that you should worry and fret about every little thing in your life, trying and struggling to control every aspect of it along the way and that you really didn't deserve anything beyond what you could work yourself into the ground for. Guess what? You do deserve better, as a matter of fact you deserve the best and there is no need to worry or fret about every little detail because it all takes care of itself in the long run and it all works out...and it always will.

Just as pain is an indicator that something is wrong in your physical body, unhappiness is an indicator that something is wrong in your soul...that you are ignoring something it desires or going against something it needs. Change the areas of your life in which you do not feel happy or fulfilled and gradually you will notice how much more easily happiness will come. The woman then said, “...but you can't be happy every minute of every day,” to which I replied that technically, with much effort in the beginning and until it is a learned behavior, you can be and there are people out there who do just that because they finally figured out how. Being happy is a choice.

It all comes down to this...if you want to be happy and lead a happy and positive life, surround yourself with happy people who are positive thinkers until you become one of them and know that you can pull it out of you every time you want to are born with it.

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