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Saturday, October 31, 2015


How many times in life, from your earliest childhood memories to now, have you uttered the phrase, “It’s not fair?”  I can honestly say that for me, especially having been born an extra-sensitive soul, it has been a lot.  I noticed it more when I was raising my son as I would have him do something or not let him do something he wanted and he would always reply, “That’s not fair, Mom.”  And, of course as parents, we all respond with the phrase, “Life’s not fair,” which, to a child is just not satisfactory answer.  I never liked that answer when people used it on me either, but it is the truth. 

Fair is a word that belongs in sports or board games or areas of life to which rules apply.  Life however, has no rules and no bounds so when we try to apply fairness to any part of it, it generally does not work out.  It is messy and exciting and extremely unpredictable and while we are in one area planning it all out and counting on things to go a certain direction, it often comes right back in just the opposite direction and we then feel confusion or frustration because there were factors we just didn’t consider possible.  We try to reach a goal and work very hard toward it only to discover that someone else came in like a breeze and beat us to it.  No one knows why some people seem to have an easier time in life and to always get what they want with ease, but my thought on that it is all based on attitude.  I have always said that life is 1% what happens to you and 99% how you react.

It is so important in life to realize that there is no fairness to how it is lived and that you must roll with whatever comes your way.  The one definite thing in life that you can actually count on is that there will always be change because life IS change.  Expectations, as I pointed out in a previous post, are detrimental to your thought process because more often than not you will be let down.  Don’t expect life to go exactly the way you want it to, and it probably will.  Don’t expect a person that you really want in your life to stay, and they probably will.  Don’t expect a wonderful and exciting thing to happen when you want it to happen, and it probably will.  The point here is to let it be.  Have a positive attitude, a positive outlook and make the best and the most of every situation and leave the word "expectation" out of your vocabulary and it will go much smoother than you originally imagined.  

Remember, what is meant to happen will happen and no sooner or later than it is meant to happen and yes, a lot of the time we could say that it is completely unfair, but hey…no one ever said that life was fair.

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