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Monday, October 5, 2015


How many times in your life have you asked yourself, "Why me?  Why do bad things happen to me?  Why don't I ever have enough money?  Why don't I have the house and car I want?  Why don't I have a good job?  Why am I having xy&z health problems?"  So to counter, I ask you this...compared to what?  If you are asking these questions then you are comparing yourself to someone or something.

The solution is this...gauge it.  You think bad things happen to you, but compared to who?   Compared to what?  If you are able to compare yourself to someone or something, you can say that you know someone who i.e., doesn't have health problems or doesn't have bad things happen or has enough or too much money. If you're gauging yourself to another person or their situations, you first have to understand that you are not are a separate and unique individual who has a life that has been mapped out to work a certain way, and compared to others who use you as a gauge, you are the one who has enough money or few health problems or few bad things happening to them because they have it worse than you.  

Another thing you can do to improve the quality of your life is to surround yourself with the types of people whose lives you wish to assimilate.  The more positive, action-oriented people you have in your life, the more you will attract the same things into yours.

The secret is to remember this...while you think you could always have it better, never lose sight of the fact that you could always have it worse.

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