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Sunday, October 4, 2015


I was so lazy today, but in such a good way.  I actually had achieved all of my chores by 11 a.m. and then I was off to the beach with paper, pen and music. I could not believe this gorgeous wind, tide was out but there were giant waves crashing to the shore, birds all around and very few people in the area.  I found a nice log as is my habit, propped up against it facing the sea and plugged in my headphones.  Staring at the water words welled up inside of me and yet another sapphic poem was born. I know that once I publish my book of sapphic poems these will ebb, however for now, they are who I am. This one popped right out onto the page within about 20 minutes.  I love when they do that.


Her sensual lips, her haunting eyes,
Skin so soft I crawl inside;

I tremble, I yearn, I have to stay,
Because of a woman I feel this way;

My body can taste you where you are,
I constantly crave you from afar;

I wish you would write me about what's in your heart,
I wonder your thoughts when we are apart;

If I'm under a spell I don't want to break free,
I love who you are when you're up here with me;

Search inside, down low, high above,
Look at the sky it's the color of love;

I long to be near you, I wish you could stay,
Because of a woman I feel this way.

(c) 10/2015 Kimberly D Miller

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