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Wednesday, September 30, 2015


Upon entering this phase of my life, I have found that I constantly ask myself the question...what are you capable of? The answer I so happily discovered is...anything.

Life is simple really, but we humans tend to complicate everything beyond belief. We make certain aspects of our lives harder than they ever need to be and because of that we create drama and chaos and often, grief.

For me the answer was simple. I knew I needed to turn my thought process into a positive one and, at the time, didn't know if I would be capable of that because I had guided my life into such a negative, whirling, destructive tornado. I asked myself, are you capable of taking on this huge task and winning? My answer at first was no. I had to ask myself over and over if I was capable of this and through tenacity, I finally came up with the yes answer I needed to effectuate this change. I now realize that I am capable of anything I need to do get what I want out of life...anything at all. I now know that I can push through my comfort zones to a new level of life that in time, will be my new comfort level.

We are born with a competitive nature and we need challenges in order to learn life's lessons. Most of us however, rarely, if ever, realize that we are capable of facing all of them and winning. If we accept defeat then we lose and we lose because we accepted defeat. Vicious circle. When you know you are capable of anything and that you will win...then and only then will you know the sheer and unique joy of discovering your true self...who you really are without the self-complication, self-doubt and ultimately self-destruction. You are capable of anything!

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