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Sunday, September 13, 2015


(I thought this flower looked like someone walked by and splattered paint all over pretty)

For some, like me, it can be a task at times to set your mind at peace, but not an impossibility. This morning, for example, all I wanted in the world was to feel at peace but was not able to achieve it lying in bed or staying in the house.

Where do you most enjoy being? Ask yourself this question and either go there physically or in your mind. For me it is walking...on the cool, crisp beach, in the fresh, green forest or in our beautiul, bayside town. This morning I went for one of my three-mile walks in the chilly, fresh air and as I walked the chill was melted by the emergence of the sun's warm rays. This, coupled with stunning beauty, was enough to put my mind at peace and help me feel balanced again.
(One of my favorite things about my walk is stopping to graze in all of the blackberry patches)

If you happen not to live in an area where you can walk outdoors either due to safety or elemental factors, and you have no access to a treadmill or other exercise equipment, consider exercise routines that you can do in a comfortable place, i.e., jumping jacks, running in place, taking many laps around the house or the yard, walking in a park, all while visualizing the very place you would like to be... in this sense you can still create the ethereal effects of the endorphins coupled with the calming effects of the meditation and meld with your inner peace. Another way to feel peaceful is to attend a local event like a farmer's or flea market, strolling around your town window shopping, etc. Any form of walking can be such a peaceful experience.
(I love strolling through our local farmer's market - this is only one side of the street...much longer on the other side.)

Whenever you feel unbalanced or in need of peace in general, try walking it's great therapy.
(This is a piece I just finished in my art journal)

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