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Monday, September 7, 2015


(c)2015, Kimberly D. Miller - This was taken in Sixes, Oregon.

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I had planned on writing a post about toxic people, who they are and why you should get them out of your life and quick, however I decided that I would rather focus on the other side of this coin...the positive side...the people you should have in your life, who they are and why you should have them there.

We all have so many different aspects attached to who we are and what makes us up as a whole, however your strongest trait and the way people see you, whether positive or negative, is generally the label they slap on you. For example if you complain a lot your friends may label you a whiner or complainer...if you always ask for help but never take advice or try to change, you may be labeled a sponge, etc. Obviously two types that could be detrimental to your being positive if they are influential.

The following is a list of ten types of people you want to have in your life:

1. GIVERS & SHARERS. These are people who value your time and give freely of theirs. People who know that successful friendships require a fair amount of give and take on both ends and are willing to give as well as take in equal amounts.

2. PRAISERS. These are people who will tell you how proud they are of you and how much they love you and offer you support and love no matter the circumstances. They praise you and pat you on the back for whatever you do. They appreciate you for who you are and they realize that who you are comes with down times as well as good times.

3. SURVIVORS. These are people who, even though bad things happen to them as they do all of us in life, see themselves as survivors, not victims. Survivors want to put the past behind them and move forward, often with your help and understanding. They are thankful for what you offer them in the way of friendship and/or advice and help and will always see the positive side of every situation to the best of their ability.

4. POSITVE OUTLOOKERS. These are people who see the positive side of a situation. They give positive advice and keep their chin up no matter what transpires. They know the value of seeing the positive version of things and stay focused on that path.

5. CALM AND PATIENTS. These are people who are calm and patient, obviously (hahaha). They don't get rattled when things don't go their way, they hold their temper and they are there for you no matter how confused you are or how many times you need to talk and work things out with their help. They are true friends and will stick by you at any cost. People outside of the realm of calm and patient have the potential to zap your strength and use up your energy.

6. EMPATHICS. These are people who embody empathy for everyone. They are able to understand how life might be in your shoes and in your particular situation. They have either already been where you are or had similar experiences and will never judge you.

7. HONESTS. These are people who don't lie. Let's face it, we all tell white lies and often in order to not hurt those we care about. Honest people are no different in this sense but they tell their friends the truth about themselves and they hold true to their morals and values keeping honest to themselves as well as to you.

8. LET-IT-BE'ERS. These are people who will let you be who you are because they love who you are and never try to manipulate you. No one ever really accepts someone for every single trait they have, but let-it-be'ers will always let you be you whether or not some things about you may drive them nuts. They don't try to control every situation and they can let things roll off of their backs.

9. NICE. These are people who are nice, not mean. They go to great lengths to help you and make sure you know they are on your side. They are not selfish and they treat you with kindness and respect. They say nice things as opposed to criticizing.

10. LEMONADE MAKERS. These are people who meet stress head on and make lemonade out of the lemons from the stress. They don't even see things as stressful, but rather changes in life that they simply adjust to and move on. These people will always help you see the positive side of each situation and can help you eliminate negative thought patterns.

As for anyone outside of this list, you may want to consider whether their presence in your life is beneficial or detrimental. In order to change for the better and get your life where you want it to be and to be successful, you need to surround yourself with people who embody positive and forward-thinking attributes. You may not have to immediately eliminate old friends from your life however, if you have tried and tried to get someone to change with you and follow your new, ever-changing and growing lifestyle and they just refuse no matter the efforts, it's best to move on from them and replace them with people who will be on the same vibrational level you are as well as the same path. Having respect for yourself means making decisions that benefit you on every level, especially those you let into your life and those you let stay. If they don't have your best interests at heart and it is clear they are using you, it is best to wish them a fond farewell.

Be true to who you are in the best and most positive sense of the word, after all when it all comes down to it, you are your own best friend and that is as it should be. Anyone you let in from here on out should consider a privilege to be there.

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