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Saturday, July 4, 2015


 (Top picture...I'm in the back with my hand on the top rail ...Bottom picture...I'm all the way to the left...not my best hair

Part of the excitement of moving to a new state is discovering all of the things hidden in it.  I so love getting out in my truck and exploring. There are things to do all over the place and I am having so much fun finding them here in this beautiful state or Oregon.

A few miles south of Florence, Oregon, one of my favorite coastal towns (they still have an A&W that you can drive up in and they carhop for you), there is a place called the Family Fun Center and I have always wanted to go there. Yesterday I drove up to the Haceta Head Lighthouse in Yachats and on the way back I thought, why not.  Besides go-carts and bumper boats and other kid-friendly activities, they also had a huge dune buggy that would take you on a tour of the dunes or you could go for more excitement and go for a thrill-seeking ride on the sand rails.  Of course I chose the sand rails because who doesn't want the thrills. 

Our driver was Kyle and I was seated in the back (the sand-eating which was more fun because when it turns left or right it whips you around.  I was riding with six other thrill-seekers and next to me was a young couple from Vancouver, Canada, vacationing down the coast.  They had never been on the dunes before.  I have been on the dunes thanks to my friends Trish and Scott Warren who took me on their quads.  I have to say I had so much fun listening to the lady next to me scream and say she was gonna die when we went down the drop-off hills...I could relate that to my first time on the dunes.  We sped around at 60 mph or better, up and down hills, around trees and poles in a sea of sand.  The wind was cool, but mild. I was "woo-hooing" as loud as I could and enjoying every minute of the speed and uncertainty of the turns and drops.  When we finally got out of the sand rail, as soon as I stood up it felt like water was running down my back under my shirt, but no, it was  I still have sand in my hair, even after washing it.  Next time I want to go for the hour.  Kyle told me they take you down on the beach as well during that trip.

If you have never been on the dunes, I strongly recommend it.  They are having a huge dune festival in August and if you get the chance, you definitely need to give this a try.

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