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Wednesday, July 8, 2015


You know how you are out on the road, minding your own business, listening to music, singing along, just enjoying the drive and then..blam...someone pulls out in front of you or cuts you off and makes you have to slam on your brakes, your fight-or-flight reaction kicks in as your life flashes before your eyes and your mellow, enjoyable mood is gone in an instant!!!

That happens to me so often anymore, but I realized the other day that these would be people that I would most likely avoid in my personal life anyway. You can tell so much about people by the way they drive. Those people who pull out in front of you are either...royalty and don't feel they have to wait until it's clear because when they enter the road the seas will part and allow them free and clear passage or...they are the ones who pay attention to nothing and do not care about the consequences for anyone concerned (until, of course, they have an accident and kill a family or something equally horrifying.), either way, not people I gravitate toward or want to know. Then you have your overly cautious drivers who stop at every stop sign for a minimum of 10 seconds, don't dare drive one mile over the speed limit and at times at least 5 miles per hour under, and stop for every crosswalk whether someone is crossing or not. Now I agree it is a very good thing to be cautious, but being overly cautious can have the opposite effect and create road-rage in people and also cause accidents and/or shootings. I would probably have these people in my life as acquaintances but not close friends because their lackadaisical attitude would eventually drive me nuts. Then there are the people who have to pass you, even in the worst spots, and if they can't then they tailgate you until they can because OMG they might not reach their destination in a New-York-minute and if you were to ask 99% of them why they were in a hurry, they would tell you they didn't know. People who live in the city are like that. When I lived in the San Francisco bay area for 10 years I was in a hurry all the time, but I never knew why. It is just so fast-paced. I do have some of these people in my life and I used to be one of them, but I don't desire that pace anymore. My favorite drivers are those who are just cautious enough, but laid back. They don't yell or scream at traffic who cannot hear them anyway, they let people pull out from side streets in slow traffic, stop at crosswalks when people are ready to cross, kick back to their music and just take life one minute at a time. They know that they will get there when they get there and not before. These are the people I would be friends with because they take life as it comes, as I am trying to learn to do, and they are laid back about it all. With my personality type it is a difficult, long and slow lesson, but I am definitely on track.

My own driving habits have changed immensely since I moved last September and I have noticed how that coincides with my take on life. I no longer have to be there before the rest of the traffic and if I get behind someone slow I no longer tailgate because I know there will be a passing zone somewhere up ahead. I like how that feels to just take things as they come and not stress about the future because I know I cannot predict it nor can I change its outcome so I just drive, listen to my music, take my time and enjoy the beauty through the windows.

The next time you get behind the wheel, take notice of your driving habits and you may learn something new about couldn't hurt.   

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