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Saturday, June 27, 2015


In cleaning up my blog just now I came across a number of draft posts that I had written but then never followed through and published for one reason or another.  After reading this one, and remembering back to when I wrote it (over three years ago, right before yet another bad relationship decision on my I had to publish it to remind myself that I have come so very far since writing this post and because of the people I choose to have in my current life, I have made huge progress in the trust and relationship departments.  

"Trust is glass. I say this because anything that can be broken that easily and pieced back together with glue, must be made of glass. I've grown up with the expression, “forgive and forgret,” but I have to say that for me, the forgiveness is extremely hard and like hell will I forget. I don't think you should forget, it isn't healthy. These are lessons in our life and we need to heed them, learn from them and then let them go...not forget them, but let them go to the place within us that they are meant to live until we need them again, if and when another lesson is needed.

I always have high hopes going into a new relationship, be it friendship, love, marriage, partnership, etc. Some people can trust so easily. I used to be one of those people, but I let time and my bad taste in people really screw that up and now I really have no trust in humanity in general. Not to say that I won't ever again trust someone, but I feel sorry for the next person who wants to be in my life on a regular basis because they are really going to have to prove themselves when it comes to keeping their word. We have all been hurt in different ways, but the worst one for me are people who say they WILL do something, i.e. that they will meet me somewhere, do a favor for me, call me, text me, whatever the case may be. If you actually tell me you are going to do something, then I expect that you will follow through because I trust you to do so, and if situations arise where you can't, then a simple and quick text or email or something to that effect will suffice, but DON'T leave me hanging. It's the one thing on which I will no longer bend. I have been used so much in the past and then pushed aside when people are done with me but I can no longer stand to be shoved off, and if I start a new relationship and this happens again, it WILL be a deal breaker and I will be done with the relationship. I finally have respect for myself and will no longer be treated with anything but respect and common, human courtesy, and why would you accept anything less in your life. To some this may sound harsh, but others know that we all have breaking points where trust is concerned and the way we have been treated, or let ourselves be treated in the past, will dictate those breaking points.

Once trust is broken, just like glass, it is hard to put it back together again, and even if you manage, it will only ever be as strong as the parts that were mended will allow.

I hope everyone who reads this post and knows their breaking point, will bring those issues to the surface and face them head on. It will be at that point that you can move on and the right person, the one who will earn and deserve your trust, will move into your life."

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