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Did you ever wonder how to begin the journey to find out who you are?  Of knowing how to take the first step in self-discovery?  I had a hard time figuring that out when I first began this years-long trek, but then I found an answer. At one point, and quite recently I might add, I sat down and I made a list.  This list consists of my achievements.  Not just ordinary achievements, but achievements that I pondered over that I knew were extremely important breakthrough points and/or that made my life change in some way for the better. Once I had this list in front of me and could physically see it and read it over, I could then comprehend everything clearly. It was as though a veil had been lifted from my eyes. It formed a picture of me, a very clear picture, one that made me feel like a mirror had been held up to my spiritual face so that I could begin to see myself for who I really am and not the me I have always perceived, i.e. as seen by those around me.  I could see that I have


(It's Probably Me) If the title to this post brought you here, I'm very glad. Whether out of a sense of curiosity or a feeling that you can relate, I hope this will in some way change the way you think about how you treat people, or how you allow them to treat you. I have several friends who, I have quite recently discovered, are allowing themselves to be verbally abused by either friends, spouses, relatives, or a combination of all three.  If you are one of these people, if there is anyone in your life who says things to you like:..."You're stupid,"..."You're ugly,"..."You can't do anything right,"..."You could have fixed yourself up today,"..."You're fat,"..."You need to lose weight,"..."You're a loser,"..."What a pig,"..."Are you so dumb that don't understand,"...and countless other choice phrases, then it is time for a wake up call people.   As some