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Tuesday, April 7, 2015


(It's Probably Me)

If the title to this post brought you here, I'm very glad. Whether out of a sense of curiosity or a feeling that you can relate, I hope this will in some way change the way you think about how you treat people, or how you allow them to treat you.

I have several friends who, I have quite recently discovered, are allowing themselves to be verbally abused by either friends, spouses, relatives, or a combination of all three.  If you are one of these people, if there is anyone in your life who says things to you like:..."You're stupid,"..."You're ugly,"..."You can't do anything right,"..."You could have fixed yourself up today,"..."You're fat,"..."You need to lose weight,"..."You're a loser,"..."What a pig,"..."Are you so dumb that don't understand,"...and countless other choice phrases, then it is time for a wake up call people.  

As someone who has let herself be verbally abused for a lot of years, take it from me, you don't have to live that way.  Do you feel that your boss or anyone else in your life for that matter, is always telling you what you have done wrong, but you very seldom, if ever, hear about what it is you have done right?  Stop letting it happen. 

At this point, most of you are saying, "I don't let it happen, people just say these things to me, it's not my fault."  I'm here to tell you that it is within you to change how you live your life and finally be rid of this damaging, self-deprecating habit. First of all, KNOW that you deserve better...hell, you deserve the best and nothing less!!!  The reason I say that you allow this to happen is because you do. If you allow these people to stay in your life, no matter who they are or how they are connected to you, then you allow it.  If you have thought it over and you absolutely want to keep them in your life, then you must confront them on they way that they speak to you and let them know without a shadow of a doubt that you will not let them talk to you like that anymore. Demand the respect you deserve.  You have every right to be treated in the best possible manner and that starts with the way you treat yourself, which begins by realizing that you are here on this planet and you are every bit as good and worthwhile and talented and loving and caring and deserved of love as absolutely anyone else on this large, over-populated planet of ours (insert breath here...that was a run-on

I have been gradually weeding people from my life for years, i.e. those who don't support me or accept me for who I am, those who try to change me to suit their needs or views of my life, those who are extremely negative and judgmental and especially those who are self-serving and use me to get what they want, wipe their feet on the welcome mat on my back, and then move on with me sitting there wondering, "What the hell did I do wrong?"  Stop asking yourself what you did wrong, it is damaging self-talk, much like saying your sorry all the time.  You didn't do anything wrong. Everything happens for a reason and the things we consider bad or wrong are a frame of reference for those things in life we consider good and right, otherwise how could you tell them apart?

If you look at it from the point of view of the law of attraction, the universe will bring into your life the things you talk or think about so it makes sense to talk and think about good and positive things.  If you say, "Nobody likes me," the universe says, "Your wish is granted.  Nobody likes you."  If you say, "I will never have any friends," the universe says, "Your wish is granted.  You will never have any friends."  If you say, "I'm not good enough," then the universe says, "Your wish is granted.  You're not good enough."  

It doesn't happen overnight and you can't expect it to, but you can change your detrimental thought patterns, you can change who you let in your life and you can change how people talk to you if you allow them to stay in your life.  

Take those first two important steps.  The first step is realizing that you deserve the best from everyone, especially yourself, and the second step is to become conscious of your thoughts and those habits that allow you to allow people to treat you badly.  Life should be wonderful and exciting, not sad or depressing, but it's up to you.

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