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Wednesday, April 15, 2015


Did you ever wonder how to begin the journey to find out who you are?  Of knowing how to take the first step in self-discovery?  I had a hard time figuring that out when I first began this years-long trek, but then I found an answer.

At one point, and quite recently I might add, I sat down and I made a list.  This list consists of my achievements.  Not just ordinary achievements, but achievements that I pondered over that I knew were extremely important breakthrough points and/or that made my life change in some way for the better. Once I had this list in front of me and could physically see it and read it over, I could then comprehend everything clearly. It was as though a veil had been lifted from my eyes. It formed a picture of me, a very clear picture, one that made me feel like a mirror had been held up to my spiritual face so that I could begin to see myself for who I really am and not the me I have always perceived, i.e. as seen by those around me.  I could see that I have accomplished so many wonderful things, which also made me realize that I am not done dreaming and setting goals for myself to achieve because I love finding the goals that mean something to me and those I love, and I love the moments where I realize I have achieved those goals. It made me realize that stringing together all of these moments is what makes my life meaningful and wonderful.  I also love knowing that I have a purpose; an important purpose and now that I have focus, I can see it.

In order to get you started I am posting a copy of my list below.  I really hope that, if you crave such a journey or have already gotten started with yours, you will find this a jumping-off point toward the heart of who you are.  If you have found other great ways to aid in self-discovery please post them here so that others can benefit from your experiences.


1. Had a child
2. Raised a child on my own
3. Wrote two books and have one in the works
4. Published two fictional y/a books
5. Published 3 books of poetry
6. Bought a house
7. Remodeled a house
8. Overcame three diagnoses of mental illness
9. Turned a negative life into a positive one
10. Cut out all the drama in my life
11. Learned to fly an airplane
12. Moved to Oregon
13. Made lifelong fiends
14. Started a blog
15. Found Love
16. Kept my art alive
17. Learned to play the guitar
18. Learned to appreciate each day I’m blessed with
19. Found faith
20. Became a life coach
21. Found Wicca
22. Cherished my mother
23. Nursed my mother through her bout with cancer
24. Learning to see the good in everyone
25. Learned to forgive
26. Cherished my good health
27. Learned to be grateful

I wish you a safe and fruitful journey.  May you always be happy, healthy and blessed.

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