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Monday, December 29, 2014


What would you do if you knew you could not lose?  If you knew that whatever you tried or wanted to accomplish, would not fail.  The possibilities are limitless.  I ask you this question  because I know if you knew you could not fail at anything you tried, you would try just about anything your heart desired.  Am I correct up to this point?
Okay, now it gets a bit more difficult.  I want you to sit somewhere quiet (when you have the chance) and Imagine how you would feel if you knew you would never fail.  Now, I want you to take that feeling, memorize it and be able to recall it at will.  In this way you can use this feeling of power…of never failing, you complete every task within your day as though you would never fail.  Wouldn’t this just be the best confidence booster of all?  Imagine how little stress you would have in your day if you approached each and every task in this manner…with no apprehension, no dread, no worry…approached it as though it were a challenge with a prize if you win.  Guess what?  Every task in your day IS a challenge in one way or another and each time you perform one, win or lose, you come away with the prize, a valuable lesson, knowledge and/or a new outlook on or about something. 
Remember it is the small things throughout your day that make up its entirety.  Make the best of all the moments in your day with this attitude and never lose sight of its prize.  Each day you will find yourself closer and closer to your goals and ultimately your dreams will come to fruition. 

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