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Thursday, December 25, 2014


I sat there, staring out the window at the majestic trees and vast sky, enraptured by nature’s beauty, and all at once a clarity washed over my entirety…entirely; a clarity so translucent it could be seen only with my soul and not my eyes.  As I am a person without parents, a virtual, yet literal orphan, I find myself, even at this age, seeking  out souls to feed my maternal and paternal voids.  I care not about what others think of me, of their views and judgments upon my life.  My true friends know this of me…they know that I will not be controlled, nor will I let myself ever again fall below my own expectations.  They will gently guide me through my darkness's and push me toward my victories.  I have learned to rise above earthly judgments and illusions of control and to embrace who I am, no matter the trials of that decision, for I can only be worthy of myself and worthwhile to those who need me if I am true to this choice and realization.  I have always known that my true calling is to help others in one way or another, and that it shall be through words, either written or spoken, and finally, as I come into my own, I know that my blog is a huge part of that. 
Do you ever take stock of your day?  Do you ever relax at the end of the day and reflect on what you have learned?  If you don’t, you may want to try it.  It is empowering to know that you learn valuable lessons, however small, every day.  It is also empowering to be verbally grateful and thankful for everything you have and everything you are, for only when we show gratitude is it possible to acquire new and wonderful attributes, values and goals.

Fear is a silly concept, but I have yet to meet the person who has never succumbed to it.  We live a life where control is out of our hands and what is going to happen, will happen, so what you fear will, inevitably be drawn to you.  Fear not and be open to change, for this and this alone will bring you peace.

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