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Friday, November 29, 2013


Did you ever want something SO much that you just couldn't stand it?  Did you ever pray so hard you thought your soul would explode?  I can certainly answer yes to both, but I have learned something recently...the power of all things.  We each come with different sets of instructions when we are born, no two models exactly the same.  We all have different needs and wants and belief systems.  I personally believe in the power of prayer...most of the time just chatting with my angels.  I notice how, when I am at my altar, meditating and praying and talking, that the next day it seems as though my wishes have come true. Not all of them, but there are definite signs.  Today, for example, I asked for signs upon two different occasions and received them each time.  Then I realized, you have to believe.  If you believe in all things, your dreams and wishes will come true.  It is the power of positive thinking (which is something I'm grabbing onto tightly right now after my recent bout with doubt and other such crap).  A positive attitude puts positive karma out there and it comes back to you.  For example, almost two years ago I prayed so hard for a best friend here in AZ and, not replacing any of my BFF's in California, I was granted one.  He is probably the person I feel closest to right now and I thank God every day for putting him into my life.  Without belief in all things and a firm belief in positivity, life can beat the shit out of you.  

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