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Thursday, May 10, 2012


I’ve just had the shittiest birthday of my entire life.  When my mother was alive I so looked forward to each and every birthday as I knew each year she would plan and shop and make sure that everyone in the family had a dinner out (or in as requested), presents and a family celebration.  Since her departure, birthdays now represent this dreary time where there once was joy and no one wants to celebrate anymore. 

This year, May 1st to be exact, was my 50th birthday.  Now I’m thinking, “Oh this will be great because my friends and family know it is a big deal turning 50 and I am sure someone will either plan a party or take me out for dinner and drinks.”  You know what I got?  Absolutely nothing.  My former boss promised me a night out on my actual birthday but then was sick that day and couldn’t take me out.  We rescheduled for this past Tuesday, but when it rolled around, no phone call or text from her at all.  Just blown off!  I had scheduled myself a great spa day for last Saturday and was going to treat myself to salvage something for my birthday and then, at the last minute, I got a phone call from the spa saying the girl that was going to do it was not able to come in that day and had to cancel.  Funny how they charge me a cancellation fee if I don’t show up, but it’s fine for them to cancel at the last minute.  I should bill them for taking away the ONE thing I looked forward to and thought was foolproof as a birthday present to myself.  (On a more positive note, my son baked me an angel food cake from scratch and had two presents for me the night my dinner was called off.)  Okay, I’ve digressed a bit here.  Oops.
Let’s talk about birthday cards, oh wait, let’s not – I did get three of those in the actual mail.  1 from my son, 1 from my Aunt and 1 from one of my brothers in California.  I used to get at least 8 or 9.  I guess it’s just too hard to mail things these days.  Everyone would rather text (I didn’t get any of those) or email (I didn’t get any of those either) or send a blast on Facebook (but I did some of those). 

What is up with people these days?  Don’t they know the U.S. Postal Service is still running?  It isn't that expensive to mail a card, especially since I ALWAYS mail cards to family and friends on their birthdays.  It is as though everyone would rather do things electronically as if that should suffice, and some people are “too busy” to send a card.  Really?  Too busy?  Who isn't too busy these days, but it isn’t hard to find the time to make a five minute phone call or stick a card in your mailbox.

We have turned into a self-absorbed, lazy, electronic-minded society with cell phones glued to our ears and I have to say, I just don’t see that these “advances in modern technology” have done any good for mankind.  In fact, they have only succeeded in creating a self-inflicted societal quarantine which has left behind an enormous amount of lonely individuals. 

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