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Thursday, May 31, 2012




Life is hard; teenagers don’t want to be friends with their mothers; people hurt the people they love without reason, animals love you unconditionally; the IRS is more like the mafia than people realize; finding work that you love that pays well is next to impossible; with faith you are never alone; you should never use the word, “should;” some people only want to use you; control is a four letter word; jealousy is ugly; you can’t make someone like or love you; people grow apart; art is in your soul; you can’t forgive anyone unless you forgive yourself first, domesticity is complacent; people need people whether they know it or not; children are meant to grow apart from their parents; it’s possible to know that you’re insane; poetry flows from within me; I wear my heart on my sleeve; I’m not considered to be a happy person; I love to decorate places and things; tears can set you free; sadness deepens with each lifetime; positivity is the best healer; being individual is a true gift; chamomile tea calms my unforgiving nerves; an easy breeze is a caress from nature; you are never as bad as you think you are; some people like to carry emotional baggage; sex is not love; love is not sex; passion is fleeting; friendship is love; Phoenix is fucking hot in the summer; I will travel to Europe; I will come home; a person will want to spend their life with me though they know I’m not like others; a mirror reflects much more than a physical image; beauty is overrated; I’m a bit superficial; I wish a lot; to keep moving is to stay young; you can’t escape your past but you can leave it there; too many cooks spoil the broth; selfish isn’t necessarily a bad thing or a good thing; children absorb so much of who we are; I love my cat; my son thinks I don’t know who he is when in reality I know him better than he knows himself; guilt is a maggot; we all want to leave behind a legacy; some people are pure of heart; men and women share few differences; eccentricity is a true gift; it is human nature to judge; we punish ourselves far better than anyone else can; the ocean is the most beautiful thing on the planet; your parents should be worthy of love; I have my mother’s voice; I love to sing; I hate confrontation; there is a little bit of evil in everyone; I have a restless soul; actors want to experience what it’s like to be everybody else; people cannot possess people – not really; I love my cat; the rift between my son and I may never be repaired; it’s okay to not understand; I need to learn to be calm; sometimes I can’t clean up my messes; I think too deeply; people don’t love people just because they’re supposed to as is the case with family; I love to write; I feel bloated; I wish I felt needed; to be understood is the deepest need of mankind.

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