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Thursday, September 1, 2011



If I didn’t believe in divine intervention in the past, I certainly do now.  Why, you ask?  As those of you who know me or read my blog whenever I have time to publish will know, this has been an incredibly tough financial time for Brice and I.  This however, is no different from those of us in the rest of the country, and like so many in this country, am losing my home and not able to obtain much else in the way of employment other than my part time job of 2-1/2 years (which I love).

Here is where the divine intervention comes into play.  I have some neighbors next door, a couple, who have lived there for almost a year, and who have been great neighbors to have in the sense that they are quiet and fun to chat with when we have time to chat.  I have always felt that would have my back.  In fact, Barbara did have my back one day when the building inspector came around, but that’s another story.  I mentioned to Barbara one day in passing that they would be seeing a for sale sign going up in my yard soon because I opted for short sale as opposed to foreclosure.  I also told a few other neighbors that we are friendly with so that everyone would know what was going on.  They are all so kind and caring on this street.  The other day I received a voice message on my Lingo phone, so it was on the computer, from a person whose name I was unsure of.  She said in the message that she was the daughter of Barbara who lived next door to me, that she heard of my situation and wondered if I would call her back as she maybe had some options for us.  My first reaction was, “What?  Does this kind of thing still happen in this day and age?  In America?  Really?”  So I called her and not only found out who she was, but that we have a lot in common in so many areas of life that it was astounding, in sort of a Patty Duke Show kind of way (those of you under the age of 30 should Google this reference).  She said that she was going to take a six month business trip and needed someone to live in her home so she didn’t have to turn off utilities and could have someone looking after the place while she was gone, and was I interested.  OMG really?  This just came out of left field for us.  I was like, “Yes and thank you, whoever you are.”

The interesting part here is that merely hours before I received her message I was praying and talking to my mother (who passed away December of ‘09") and asking for someone to steer me in the direction I needed to be heading in to get where I’m supposed to be.  I have been out putting in applications at low income apartments (low income – yeah right), and checking ads on Craigslist and looking into bankruptcy and anything else I could think of.  I was running out of options but was not going to quit until I found a solution.  I was even thinking of having Brice live in the dorms in Douglas at his school while I lived in the truck for awhile.  I didn’t know that in this day and age (in a world where “trust” is a scary concept) that people like this still existed.  I can never thank these people enough, nor the divine intervention that put me on the right path, but I sure do believe and have learned a lot from this experience.

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Dawn said...

Hey! Sorry for the lack of contact of late, but had foot surgery last Friday and spent most of the last month prepping for it. So where is this house you are moving into temporarily? Are you and Brice really doing ok? I can't get out of bed, so I am not able to check my email (using my netbook for this). But if you email, Dave should pull it off for me. I have been thinking of you and hoping things are working out.

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