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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Why Do Some People Think They Are Royalty?

Why is it, that even though we are all put here on earth in an equal manner, some people think they have the right to govern over everyone around them?  You know who I mean.  Those people with superior attitudes who take liberties to create an environment in which everything is to their advantage, no matter who it affects.  

This subject came barreling at me yesterday while at work.  There is an employee there who thinks that because he has been there so long he can just walk in and do things like turn of the lights in the bay while we’re working, even though the boss wants them on, or yell at people right in their face for stupid things like moving a cup.  I know when you work with people you have to be a team player, but I don’t think he got that memo.  Or maybe he did get the memo and it didn’t suit him so he ran it through the shredder.  He reminds me of Peter Pan, never wanting to grow up.  He wants the world to cater to his needs and doesn’t give a damn about giving back.  When I was young they called it spoiled, but at this person’s age, it’s just sad.

I also love the people who think they are so important that they can cut through a line of twelve people right up to the counter and demand that they be helped.  Where does this come from, I ask you?  While it is fabulous to love yourself and have a strong sense of self worth, it is quite another thing to take it just across that fine line and dive into the sea of self-importance. 
Again, and as I have mentioned in previous posts, it would seem that balance is the key to all of life.  It is the act of teetering on that thin wire, hanging hundreds of feet off the ground, trying desperately not to fall off, that makes us either have no self esteem, or an abundance.  The people who walk the line without so much as a wobble, those are the balance ones.  Those are the people who actually get it.
I strive for balance and have been changing my life every day to reach that goal.  I’ve never had it, well not much of it, in any part of my life, but now I have my eye on the prize and the prize is a balanced life.  I no longer wish to sit back in the shadows, nor do I wish to be royalty.  I just want to be balanced and centered and hopefully life as I know it will flourish.

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