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Sunday, May 23, 2010

What IS it with Discrimination????

artwork 094 As the world “evolves” and as we evolve with our societal upbringing, how is it that discrimination has not yet been wiped clean from the planet? 
I work in a field which requires a lot of physical labor as well as wiring trailers and installing wiring for hitches.  Yesterday these two young guys came into the building and wanted to rent a piece of our equipment to tow a vehicle.  The other customer service representative I was working with helped them initially but then asked me if I would go out and hook up the equipment as soon as they attached a ground wire to their truck.
Now the demeanor of these men seemed quite nice as I listened to them converse with the assistant manager who was helping them in the store.  As soon as I went outside and greeted them with a “Hello, how are you today?,” the nastier of the two stood up and said, rather curtly, “I need something to put this in with,” and he handed me a self-tapping screw.  I work with self-tapping screws all the time and they have a hexagon shape to the head and in the middle a place for a Phillips screwdriver.  It can be inserted with either a hex bit or a screwdriver.  Anyway, I handed him a drill with a Phillips bit in it and ten seconds later he is asking the assistant manager for a hex bit.  I went over and asked if he needed something else and he said, again very curtly, “You gave me this bit.  It’s not the right one.  This is a hex.”  To which I replied, “Yes but these screws can be inserted with a Phillips bit as well and it is how we do it.”  He replied, “Well that’s dumb it’s a hex bit and it needs to be put in with only a hex bit.”  I then bent down to pick up the bit that he threw on the floor (trying to keep the steam from escaping my ears) and as I was bending he yelled, “HEY, I’M NOT DONE WITH THAT!”  I said, “I thought you said you didn’t want the  Phillips bit?”  “OH, I thought you were taking the drill.”
I walked back inside the building and informed the assistant manager that he would have to deal with them.  I was getting to the point that I was going to go off on them and that is not a good thing in the retail biz.  The assistant manager, a man, said that they were really friendly and courteous with him, but that some men just don’t think women know how to do a “man’s” job or that they should even be working in a “man’s” field.
Well, to all of you men out there who feel that way, I have this to say to you:  GET OVER YOURSELVES!

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Dawn said...

You go girl! Sorry I didn't see this earlier, have been unplugged a good portion of this summer and we've had computer "issues" of, hard drive DIES. Anyway, hope to get a tangle out to you soon, my crazy season is finally winding down. Yeah! Love to you and Brice

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