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Why Women Stay

Have you ever dared to venture down the path of uncertainty, only to be met with the wrath of insanity? This is what I think it is like to be stuck in a relationship with an abusive person and not know how to get out of it.  I recently read an article on why women stay, although it works both ways and there are women who abuse men who don’t know how to abandon their situation either.  About 20 years ago, I found myself in the same situation, although the abuse was mostly mental, emotional and verbal, and for about 8 years I went through this horrible pattern of wanting to fix him and believing him when he said, over and over again, how he would change and how things would be different.  I wanted to believe this, very much, because I loved him, at least I thought I did.  Eventually he sank deeper and deeper into his abyss, the cheating, the drinking and the methamphetamines, dragging my son and I in after him, and he finally presented me with a reason to leave:  waking me up at thr


Today was a day filled with discovery.  As I browsed through my Happy Book in search of more fun pages to create and reflect upon, I came upon a page that read, “Fill this page with all the smiles you can find.  Take pictures of people’s smiles (just the smiles!), collect smiles from magazines, draw your own...whatever you need to do to make this wall-to-wall happy.”  The thing I found most intriguing about this concept is that it reminded me of a day a few years ago, when I just could not get out of the really bad mood and depression I was feeling.  I told myself to just smile, all day, no matter what, and see what happens.  Throughout the day my mood grew lighter and by smiling I actually brought on a really good mood from something that seemed to have began so horribly. As I leafed further through the book, I happened upon a page with a quote on top that read, “Man is fond of counting his troubles, but he does not count his joys.  If he counted them up as he ought to, he would s

“Ghosts” In My Hallway

If you’ve read my blog in the last couple of months, then you know that I recently lost my mother and my best friend, and while I know that every day I am healing just a bit more than the day before, something really eerie and wonderful happened to me yesterday.  In my hallway hangs a picture of my mother and father that was taken in 1982 (I believe). Now, usually when someone close to me passes, they visit me in some way or another and I can either feel their presence and/or things happen around the house to let me know they are there.  Imagine my confusion when the one person I thought would surely visit me before she passed on, my mother, didn’t.  At least I didn’t think so.  When my mother was alive you only had to glance at her eyes to see her soul and her beauty, and when she passed away I looked at her face and realized as I looked into her eyes, that she wasn’t there anymore. Yesterday I was walking down the hall, past this picture, and in my peripheral vision I caught a

New Item Added To My Store

I just finished a new piece for my store.  It is basically a portable filing cabinet.  I find that using a large briefcase and trying to carry my purse is a bit much so I came up with this: Front View:  It’s about 12" wide and 10” tall. Back View:  pretty much the same but contains my label. The closure features double-ended Velcro for easy opening on either side.  The bamboo handles and gold hinges add to the theme of the paper used for the outside of the purse. It opens to reveal a pendaflex file with 12 separate, plastic openings for regular sized files (which I have included).   Another view of the pendaflex opening with my files inside. This was great fun (and a lot of work) to make, but I am so pleased with the results.  I will be making many more of these to come.   Technorati Tags: file , pendaflex , purse , store , briefcase