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Sunday, December 6, 2009


Having been fortunate to grow up on the beautiful Northern, California coastline, and then having to have made the transition to the southwest desert life (because my move here was not necessarily my choice), has been quite an arduous adjustment, I must say.

As you know, if you read my blog, I am an avid photographer. Since relocating to the desert I have enjoyed the challenging exploration for interesting landscape images, and it was during one of my recent explorations that I began questioning how life in the desert (any desert) first emerged.

Where I grew up the ocean was on one side of us and redwood forest on the other. Green was rampant, which was great as it is my favorite color. Cool days and clean air filled my senses and beautiful scenery filled my soul. As I made my journey to the far south, three-year-old son and U-Haul in tow, I began to notice vast sparsity emerging the further south I traveled. Recently, I guess I've just been very analytical these days, I have begun to wonder who it was that came upon this red dirt which harbored evil plant life, armed to reach out and prick passersby, and very little water, and said, "Wow, this would be a great place to live. There is little water and many thorny plants, not to mention an abundant amount of ornery creatures, of which the deadly diamondback snake comes to mind. We should settle here and raise our children." Okay, so I'm thinking masochists (or sadists depending on how it took place).

If you have allergies, forget about it, dust is not often, it is infinite and thick and you must dust on an hourly basis, if you enjoy dusting, that is. I do it, but do not enjoy it. Even if you never had allergies before, trust me, you will develop them upon relocation. Things to look forward to? Maybe to some, however first chance I get - I'm heading North again, to Brookings Oregon, preferably. Don't give up on me Trish, I'm on my way!!!

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