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The rain is pouring outside and, as odd as it is for Arizona, has been most of the day. It seems we have our monsoons early this year, which is fine by me as it keeps the heat down. As I sat quietly, working diligently on photography projects, I began to listen to the pattern of the rainfall. Wow, why is it I never took the time to stop and listen hard enough before, to realize that rain could fall in a pattern? I just thought it came down randomly. It was almost like a symphony - click, click, click, splat splat - click, click, click, splat splat, plop, faster and faster, building as if to a musical crescendo and then slowing down to an almost inaudible tick, tick, splat, tick, tick, splat. The more I stop and take the time to listen to nature, the more I realize just how many sounds we take for granted and how many we never hear consciously - either because we're too busy, or just because we have so many other things on our minds. I am making a conscious effort to slow


Wow!!! I can hardly believe it. I'm registered with several writer's groups and an online magazine by the name of, "Useless Knowledge Magazine," contacted me re having read my profile and asked me if I would be interested in submitting an article. I looked at their guidelines and, since I love useless knowledge, found the invitation quite flattering. When I got home today, I looked at my email and they have accepted my article, a humor piece, and already have it up and running on their online publication. I'm so thrilled by this, I just can't express how much. If you're interested in checking out my article, I have provided the following link:


Well, I finally got diligent and finished my latest book of poetry. It is entitled "Simply Poetry, Poems for the Seeking Soul." It is again of the coffee table variety and contains a good deal of my photography, mostly floral. I'm really proud of this one. I hope you will stop by and preview a copy (and love it so much you'll just have to buy a copy *grin*). SIMPLY POETRY ... By Kimberly D. Miller Book Preview


Announcing the inception of my new photography services blog, Kimberly's Photo Kreations . I just finished putting the final touches on the page and I hope you will all visit it. Those of you who are local, I hope you will all hire me (LOL). I'm very excited about all of this and it's really made an enormous impact on me finally being able to delve deeper into a life long passion.


I'm so excited!!! I can finally take quality portraits and branch out into more opportunities with the new toys I just acquired: a whole lighting and ba ckground setup. Since its arrival this afternoon, I have done nothing but explore possible lighting techniques and take different shots of my son, who reluctantly and kindly agreed to sit for me. He's so great that way. These are some of the shots I am now able to take, but I am still in the process of finding the best lighting set up. Can't wait until my tie-dye background arriv es.


One of the things I love best about the town of old Bisbee , is the ambiance of the architecture and the fact that it is still standing. It definitely shows a pride in the people of the town, a pride of ownership and belonging. My second favorite thing about old Bisbee is their advertising system. No matter where you go, on what street you happen to be on, you are going to know what is going on for the next week by the multitude of fliers tacked to buildings, telephone poles, painted on vehicles, hung around peoples' necks, in store windows, in resident windows, on animals, painted on faces, sticking to your car window wherever you park, and some really odd places as well. I think the reason I find this so awe inspiring is the fact that Bisbee is a town by and for artists, and who better to find creative ways to publicize events, than artists. I think if I had the money (well, enough to be a starving artist) I would surely make it my home.